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International Museum Day | Guangzhou museums launch various cultural activities

BY :新花城英文频道

UPDATED :2024-05-21

Sharing the Same Winds, an exhibition about the history and culture of Guangzhou and Hepu, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, kicked off on May 16 at the Guangzhou Museum.

As May 18 marks the 48th International Museum Day, museums in Guangzhou launched various cultural activities, such as relics-restoring "Cultural Relics Hospital" at Guangdong Museum, launching of cultural creative products like three kinds of ice creams at the Nanyue King Museum and the immersive art theater at the Southern Han Mausoleums Museum.

Poster of "Cultural Relics Hospital," an activity related to relics restoring at the Guangdong Museum

Ice cream in the style of an ancient jade pendant housed in the Nanyue King museum 

The immersive art theater at the Southern Han Mausoleums Museum

Source: Guangzhou Daily
Photos provided by Guangzhou museums
English author & editor: Lyu Yun

Editor: Joyce