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No more 'face-scanning' for hotel check-ins in Guangzhou

BY :Guangzhou Foreign Affairs Office

UPDATED :2024-05-11

Recently, the term "Ban on Mandatory 'Face Scanning' for Hotel Check-Ins in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen" has become a hot topic, with news about Guangzhou hotels canceling face scanning for check-ins sparking widespread discussion and approval among netizens.

Since the end of last year, Guangzhou hotels have received notices from local police stations in various districts to cancel face scanning, with implementation starting on December 21 of last year, and related verification devices subsequently removed.

Mandatory face scanning in hotels refers to the requirement for guests to scan their faces in front of cameras during check-in before they can proceed. During the COVID-19 pandemic, face scanning almost became a standard practice in the hotel industry. Guests had to not only present their identification documents but also undergo face recognition verification.

In April 2024, the once popular face scanning technology in the hotel industry was discontinued nationwide, with many places requiring hotels to cancel the "mandatory face scanning" policy. During the Canton Fair, many major hotels in Guangzhou received numerous foreign guests and no longer required face scanning.

Ms. Fang from Beijing and her family chose to stay at a chain fast hotel in Yuexiu district during this May Day holiday. "We provided our ID cards and quickly received our room cards. The entire process took less than two minutes," said Ms. Fang, who recognized the efficiency of the hotel industry in Guangzhou compared to other cities. “Not having to scan our faces also feels more reassuring.”

In addition to netizens, residents, and tourists, the hotel management also expressed strong support for the cancellation of face scanning for check-ins in Guangzhou. It is reported that many hotels in Guangzhou, including Garden Hotel, China Hotel, Dongfang Hotel, Guangzhou Hotel, LN Gongfang Hotel Pazhou, and Nansha Garden Hotel, have all canceled face scanning for check-ins.

Sources: Guangzhou Foreign Affairs Office, Yangcheng Evening News

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