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Bon appetit! Food street first set up for Canton Fair visitors

BY :SilkRoadPost

UPDATED :2024-04-24

The 135th session of the China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, is in full swing in Guangzhou, with its second phase opened on April 23. A food street is being set up for the first time at the fair venue, offering abundant dining options for exhibitors and buyers attending the fair.

Jointly organized by the Guangdong Administration for Market Regulation and the China Foreign Trade Center, the food street gathers a number of well-known local catering brands and enterprises that can best represent Guangdong food culture. They include Tao Tao Ju, Guangzhou Restaurant, Lianxiang Lou, Xin Bao Tang, among others.

“China has a lot of delicious food, and it’s a great idea to set up a food street here at the Canton Fair for people to have a taste,” said Benjamin, a member of the Executive Committee of the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong.

At the previous sessions of the fair, many attendees had to choose fast food due to the limited choices of food and beverages in the venue. But this year we are able to savor more Chinese delicacies thanks to the introduction of the food street, Benjamin added.

The food street also sets up special zones for China’s geographical indication products and time-honored brands.

From logo design to various on-site activities such as musical performances, exhibition of geographical indication products, and showcase of intangible cultural heritage items, the features of Cantonese cuisine are deeply integrated with the Canton Fair, according to an official from the Guangdong Administration for Market Regulation.

Overseas traders can enjoy the charm of Cantonese food as they view and select high-quality merchandise from the fair. This is conducive to enhancing the brand influence of Guangdong’s food industry, and adding to the cultural appeal and business value of the Canton Fair, the official said.

Meanwhile, local authorities will fully leverage the media and different display platforms both online and offline to promote the distinctive cuisines, products and traditional culture of Guangdong province. And they will design and launch food maps for guests to explore and better understand local food culture. The wide variety of gourmet food will be a magnet for visitors to Guangdong and a driver for consumption growth.

Source & photos: Guangzhou Daily

Author: Pauline

Editor: Annie