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Conference to boost IoT development in GBA

BY :Tianhe district gov

UPDATED :2024-03-29

The 18th Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Internet of Things (IoT) Conference and the Harmony OS Ecological Development Conference recently took place in Guangzhou's Tianhe district.

At the conference, representatives from enterprises and institutions in the field shared their views on the digital transformation and upgrading, new models for IoT cooperation, and the innovative development of IoT in the Greater Bay Area.

The 18th Greater Bay Area IoT Conference is held in Tianhe. (Photo/WeChat account: gztzth)

"Harmony OS is a tool for reconstructing the internet industry and shaping the modern industrial system," said Wang Qiang, director at the information and software office of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology.

He added that more relevant policies will be issued to further promote the development of the province's software and information technology industries, as well as digital transformation.

Hu Yeh, assistant government chief information officer at the Office of the Hong Kong Government Chief Information Officer, noted at the conference that with the development of the Greater Bay Area, cooperation and exchanges in innovation among the three places will deepen further.

"That the development of the Greater Bay Area focuses on the digital economy brings us great opportunities," said Lam Chi-wah, president of the Collaborative Development Committee of the Macao Computer Society.

Guests discuss on the development of IoT. (Photo/WeChat account: gztzth)

Tianhe has been a key driver of growth in Guangzhou's artificial intelligence and digital economy industries.

In 2023, the added value of the district's digital economy industries accounted for 22.2 percent of its total GDP and made up for 37.3 percent of Guangzhou's total digital economy. The business revenue of its software industry was 228.47 billion yuan (US$ 31.61 billion), the highest among districts in the city.

Song Aiping, director of the Tianhe bureau of industry and information technology, said at the conference that the district will commit to the development of the digital economy, accelerate the deep integration of digital technologies into the real economy, and enhance the innovation capabilities of digital technologies.

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