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Nansha to offer enhanced cruise route services to HK

BY :Nansha district gov

UPDATED :2024-03-18

The cruise timetable (Photo/WeChat account: gz_nanshafabu)

The cruise route from Nansha Passenger Port to Hong Kong International Airport will resume on March 20, alongside its new adjustment and discount tickets.

Its frequencies are to increase to seven times per day, departing at 16:30. The departure time from Hong Kong International Airport to Nansha Passenger Port is scheduled at 12:30. From March 20 to 31, the first 10 tourist class tickets for each trip of the route, will be sold at a preferential price of one yuan (US$ 0.14) apiece, through WeChat mini program "Zhujiang Feihang (珠江飞航)."

Besides, shuttle buses will be provided between Nansha Passenger Port and Hengli (横沥) Metro Station. They are poised to depart from the port and the station at 14:10 and 15:00 every day, respectively.

The boats commuting between Nansha Passenger Port and HK China Ferry Terminal depart from the port at 10:10, 14:20, and 18:00; and depart from the terminal at 8:00, 11:50 (via the airport), 14:10, and 16:00. Besides, 72-hour free parking service will be provided for passengers from now to June 30.

A ship departs from Nansha Passenger Port. (Photo/WeChat account: gz_nanshafabu)

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