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Enjoy sea of flowers in Baiyunhu Park

BY :SilkRoadPost

UPDATED :2024-03-13

With the arrival of spring, a sea of garden cosmos has bloomed in Baiyunhu (or Baiyun Lake) Park (白云湖公园) in Baiyun district, delighting visitors, honeybees and butterflies alike. The picturesque view attracts many visitors to the park to take pictures in the flower fields.

The garden cosmos, or Mexican aster, is a medium-sized flower with colorful, broad petals, native to Mexico. The flowers shoot brightly above the green ground in the park, brightening the spring days with their vibrant and warming colors.

Baiyunhu Park is a perfect place for spring outing, with about 3,000 mu of lake area and large green lawns. It is also equipped with sandpits, climbing nets and slides for children, making it an ideal place for family trips.

Opening hours: 6 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Location: Baiyunhu Park

Ticket: free

How to get there: 

1. Metro: Guangzhou Metro Line 8 Tinggang Station (亭岗站), then walk about 700 meters

2. Driving: Navigate with keyword “广州市白云湖数字科技城管理服务中心”, where parking is available nearby for those who drive

3. Bus:

①Buses 982 or 984, Xiamao (Baiyunhu Park) Bus Terminal station 夏茅总站(白云湖公园)

②Buses 271 or 929, Shijing Dadao (Baiyunhu Park) station 石井大道(白云湖公园)

③Bus 970, Baiyunhu Park North Entrance

Source and photos: 广州白云发布

Author: Annie

Editor: Joyce