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Photos丨Guangdong-style Lantern Festival ignites festive peaks for the Chinese New Year

BY :Yangcheng Evening News

UPDATED :2024-02-26

From the beginning of the Chinese New Year to the Lantern Festival this year, Guangdong's traditional cultural elements have taken the spotlight. Enjoying lanterns has become a hot trend for residents and tourists. From February 10 to 22, ticket orders for attractions with keywords like "Lantern Festival" and "lantern show" have surged by 260%, and searches for the keyword "lantern show" have increased by over 720% compared to the same period last year.

Guangdong has always been a gathering place for lantern shows. During the Chinese New Year, the exquisite lanterns in Guangzhou's Yuexiu Park create a Cantonese festive atmosphere. A 100-meter-long dragon moves with the play of light and shadows, attracting numerous visitors to take pictures.

In addition to Yuexiu Park, Guangzhou Cultural Park's 2024 Lantern Show continues to light up from February 21 to 24. The theme lanterns incorporate seasonal flowers, showcasing the characteristics of southern China. 

Considering that the Lantern Festival falls on a weekend this year, the popularity of lantern-related cultural and tourism activities has soared across the country. Data from online travel services provider Trip.com shows that during the weekend of February 24 to 25, overall domestic tourism bookings increased by over 140% compared to last year. Many places organized activities such as lantern riddles, lion dances, and fireworks displays, creating a festive atmosphere once again. 

As of February 21, searches for "Lantern Festival" on travel agency Tongcheng Travel increased by more than 300% weekly, and the popularity of "Where to go for Lantern Festival" on Mafengwo, a Chinese travel service and social networking platform, also saw a 300% surge. On the Tongcheng Travel, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have become the two most active cities for cultural and tourism consumption during the Lantern Festival, with Guangzhou also ranking among the top ten popular cities on the Tujia, a homestay online platform.

Of note, a recent cooling trend has driven hot springs to become the most sought-after activity outside of lantern festivals. According to Mafengwo's big data, the popularity of "Guangdong hot springs" has increased by 133%, and "recommended unique hot springs" has become a popular topic in Mafengwo's Guangdong travel strategy group. The people of Guangdong are taking the lead nationwide in their enthusiasm for a spa.

The Cantonese-style Lantern Festival atmosphere becomes stronger, and the people in Guangdong celebrate the Chinese New Year with lanterns, windmills, firecrackers, and dragon dances. The Lantern Festival marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebration, but behind the sense of ceremony, the connection of history, culture, and emotions never fades.

Sources: Yangcheng Evening News, GDToday

Editor: Annie