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Guangdong released latest bilingual legal guide for foreigners

BY :Newsgd

UPDATED :2024-01-23

South China's Guangdong province has recently published a bilingual legal guide, The Legal Guides for Foreigners in Guangdong Province, aiming to facilitate expats living in the province.

The guide consists of four volumes, covering daily life, marriage and family, legal services, and special management. The content encompasses laws and regulations directly relevant to work and life, including stay and residence, employment, traffic and travel, marriage registration, notarization, legal aid, mediation, arbitration, management of foreigners with irregular status ("three illegals", which means foreigners with illegal entry, illegal employment and illegal residency), and management of domestic activities of overseas non-governmental organizations. 

The guide lists specific articles from laws and regulations such as the People's Republic of China Entry and Exit Administration Law, Regulations on the Employment Management of Foreigners in China and Guangzhou Municipality Regulations on Optimizing the Business Environment, which provide convenient guidance for foreigners living and working in Guangdong and assist them in becoming more familiar with Chinese laws and better adapting to life in China.

The guide was issued by the Department of Justice of Guangdong Province, along with the Popularization of Legal Knowledge Office of Guangdong Province and the Bureau of Justice of Guangzhou Municipality.

Here is the full text of the legal guide.

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