Video|Sino-Bruneian friendship goes back a long way

BY :Sophia&Yuan

UPDATED :April 26, 2019

Brunei, also known as Poni Kingdom in ancient times, has started friendly exchanges with China since the Northern Song dynasty (960—1127 AD).

视频|跟着渤泥国王到大明去Video|Sino-Bruneian friendship goes back a long way


In 1408 in Ming dynasty, the then king of Poni came to China through the ancient Maritime Silk Road with his family and a retinue of some 150 people. This visit was an important event in the history of Sino-Bruneian friendship.

You may learn about the Bruneian king's experience in China from the clip that starts at 06:15 in the following video.

Today in Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei, there's a road called "Jalan Ong Sum Ping", which is said to commemorate Ong Sum Ping, a Chinese general in Ming dynasty who helped defend Poni from enemies.

It is expected that both countries can continue their friendly ties and achieve more win-win cooperation in the future.