Hot spots in Guangzhou await visitors to explore

BY :Liu Liu, Joyce

UPDATED :March 31, 2023


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In recent years, a batch of internet-famous spots in Guangzhou have drawn crowds of young people to make quick visits and take snaps. Now, let’s check out four emerging popular sites which are well worth visiting.
Yuxi Shuzhai (御溪书斋)
As the very first new-style public cultural space in the city, Yuxi Shuzhai, a branch of the Haizhu District Library, has become a well-received spot as many visitors posted its photos on social media. 
The library distinguishes itself with regional characteristics as well as noble antique style, which are demonstrated by the gold-wired inscriptions on a plaque, elegant façade decorations and a vinyl record player, etc. 

In particular, the interior space seems to be extended infinitely by reflection of mirrors, giving people a sense of travelling through a time tunnel.
Address: The third floor of HICITY of Qiaojian Plaza (桥建广场), No. 156 Nanzhou Lu, Haizhu district
Transportation: Exit A, Nanzhou (南洲) Station, Metro Line 2
T.I.T Creative Park and the art-themed branch of Guangzhou Library
Located on Huacheng Avenue (花城大道), T.I.T Creative Park is the former site of Guangzhou No. 2 Cotton Spinning Factory established in 1958. The construction was inspired by Bauhaus style and selected as one of the third batch of Guangzhou’s historical architectures.
This is also where the art-themed branch of Guangzhou Library situated. The modernized venue is equipped with a Western-style dining area, allowing visitors to treat themselves to delicacies such as mushroom boletus soup and beef burgers.
Address: Yuancun Nanjie (员村南街), Tianhe district
Transportation: Exit D, Yuancun Station, Metro Line 5

Lumina Guangzhou
Lumina Guangzhou is a mall located at the bustling Haizhu Square (海珠广场) and well-known for its dazzling escalator on the sixth floor, which combines celestial elements with the LED strips.
While appreciating an exhibition massing works from indigenous artists in the mall, visitors can also have a 270-degree view from the rooftop garden to enjoy several landmarks of Guangzhou, including Tianzi Wharf (天字码头), Haizhu Bridge and Canton Tower.
Address: No. 13 Qiaoguang Xilu (侨光西路)
Transportation: Exit D, Haizhu Square Station, Metro Line 2
Moon Bridge at Yongqing Fang (永庆坊)
Located at Yongqing Fang, a renovated historical block embodying traditional Guangdong culture, Moon Bridge is a pedestrian bridge, of which the semicircular arch completes a full circle through its reflection in the water and resembles a crescent moon. Walking down the bridge and keep rambling, one may reach the Art Museum of Cantonese Opera nearby to visit an ongoing show.
Address: Yongqing Fang of Liwan district
Transportation: Exit B, Huangsha (黄沙) Station, Metro Line 1

Author: Liu Liu
Editor: Joyce
Photos & Sources: Guangzhou Daily, 信息时报