Come to Huangpu to spend springtime along greenways!

BY :Liu Liu, Joyce

UPDATED :March 15, 2023


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As spring comes, several ecological belts built in Huangpu district have become alternatives for people living in Guangzhou to admire enchanted landscapes. The three built along Jinkeng (金坑) River, Pinggang (平岗) River and Nangang (南岗) River are among them.
Jinkeng River ecological belt was paved along a 10-kilometer reach of the river located in Xinlong town (新龙镇). Starting from Jinkeng reservoir, the riverway serves as a main watercourse for preventing flood and waterlogging. With trees abound, the ecological belt is also decorated with a thick coverage of greenery, bringing a delightful environment for visitors and those living nearby.

Pinggang River is like a golden ribbon wrapping around Yangtian village (洋田村), a place boasting a vast area of paddy field. Walking along the riverside, one would notice an acre of wild rice species, one of the only three varieties in China that can be used for cultivating new generations of rice species. The village is also China's first officially-built protection site of wild rice resources.

As the only river in Guangdong province selected by Ministry of Water Resources for the first batch of "Happy Rivers and Lakes", Nangang River has an ecological belt upwards of 20 kilometers, attracting many people to come for pastime during weekends.
Source & photos: Guangzhou Daily
Author: Liu Liu
Editor: Joyce