#THISISGZIKNOW# Where to embrace nature during the National Day holiday?

BY :Joyce,Annie

UPDATED :September 29, 2022


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Touring on the outskirts of Guangzhou has always been a popular option when it comes to holidays. Aside from camping, which is one of the hottest activities among young people in recent years, low-altitude flying tourism, hiking and bird-watching have also caught people's eyes. 

Here are some great places where you can embrace nature and enjoy yourself during the upcoming holiday!

1.Low-altitude flying tourism in Ecological Designed Town(Photo/南方+)

A resort named Ecological Designed Town (生态设计小镇), sitting in Guangzhou's Conghua district, has launched low-altitude flying programs such as hot-air balloon rides and helicopter sightseeing for tourists this year.

With good quality balloons, and professional pilots with experienced control skills, the hot air balloon ride has a wider acceptance than before.(Photo/南方+)

After enjoying the balloon tour, you can experience helicopter sightseeing as well. 

Taking great advantages of the natural resources in Conghua, low-altitude flying can let tourists have a bird's-eye view of the breathtaking scenery in the district.

Address: No. 169, Gongqing Lu, Liangkou town, Conghua district, Guangzhou (广州市从化区良口镇共青路169号)

2.Autumn red leaves in Maofeng Mountain Forest Park (帽峰山森林公园)(Photos/Guangzhou Daily)

Now is the optimal period for appreciating maple leaves. Go and capture autumn in Maofeng Mountain Forest Park! 

The park, located in Baiyun district, has an area of five thousand square meters which planted with nearly one thousand maple trees, mainly acer palmatum. The leaves now all turn red and it is very beautiful to take photos. The beauty of the red leaves is beyond description.

Address: No. 168, Toubei village, Taihe town, Baiyun district, Guangzhou (广州市白云区太和镇头陂村168号) 

3.Watching birds on Lianhua Mountain(Photos/广州莲花山旅游区)

Lianhua Mountain, situated in Panyu district, is holding several events such as the third Egret-themed Popular-Science Festival, the seventh Water Lily Exhibition and the eighth Lianhua Mountain Photography Contest, all of which started from September 28. 

During the National Day holiday, visitors can go hiking on the mountain, while enjoying five hundred kinds of blooming water lilies, and watching egrets flying together in the sky. With fresh air and attractive views, Lianhua Mountain is a perfect place for relaxation.

Address: No. 18, Ximen Lu, Shilou town, Panyu district (广州市番禺区石楼镇西门路18号)

Sources: Guangzhou Daily, 南方+
Author: Joyce
Editor: Annie