Places to try authentic Cantonese roasts during up-coming holiday

BY :Annie, Joyce

UPDATED :September 28, 2022


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Cantonese cuisine is world-renowned. And you would not have tasted Cantonese cuisine if you did not try its roast meats. 
A Cantonese-style barbecue shop in Liwan district (Photo/Silk Road Post)
Cantonese-style barbecued meat (shaowei or siu mei) is a strongly featured local food with a history of thousands of years. In Tang and Song dynasties (618-1279), Arabian and Indian sausages were introduced to Canton through the ancient Maritime Silk Road. Later, during the process of mastering and improving the culinary practices to make sausages, Cantonese people created an important roasting technique for Cantonese-style barbecue. In Qing Dynasty (1636-1912), Cantonese-style roast pig was listed on the menu of the Manchu-Han Imperial Feast, a lavish banquet served by the emperor to his officials. 
A man buys food in a Cantonese-style barbecue shop. (Photo/liwanfabu)
Cantonese-style barbecued meat nowadays still has a complex recipe, from marinating the meat to specially tailored sauces, and all of which is then grilled or roasted.

The shops usually offer roast goose, roast duck, roast suckling pig, and barbecued pork. The roast goose and roast duck are well-marinated and juicy, with red shiny skin. The suckling pig has a layer of golden crispy skin, and tender meat. And the barbecued pork is characterized with aromatic, sweet, and smoky flavor.

There are a number of Cantonese-style barbecue shops in the city, which usually emphasize taste rather than looks. Many of them have already established a good reputation for flavorful roast meats. Here are some great places for you to enjoy savory authentic Cantonese roasts during the holiday.
Yongxing Shaola (Huangsha) 永兴烧腊(黄沙店)
Address: No. 21-4 Tiyun Donglu, Liwan district 荔湾区梯云东路21-4号
Chenzai Shaola 陈仔烧腊店
Address: No. 291 Changshou Donglu, Liwan district 荔湾区长寿东路291号
Xihua Meishi (Longjin Zhonglu) 西华美食(龙津中路店)
Address: No. 446 Longjin Zhonglu, Liwan district 荔湾区龙津中路446号
Miaozhan Shaola (chain stores) 妙栈烧腊店
No. 19 Dongshan Dajie, Yuexiu district 越秀区东山大街19号
No. 114 Siyou Xinmalu, Yuexiu district 越秀区寺右新马路114号之一
No. 10 Yuandao Lu, Yuexiu district 越秀区原道路10号之一
Shengjiwanli Shaola 胜记万利烧腊店
Address: No. 25 Zhuguang Lu, Yuexiu district 越秀区珠光路25号
Sencheng Meishi 森成美食店
Address: No. 73 Nanhua Xilu, Haizhu district 海珠区南华西路73号
Author: Annie
Editor: Joyce
Source: 广州市文化广电旅游局