Useful rainproof gadgets to cope with rainy days

BY : Kinny Chen

UPDATED :July 12, 2018


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The downpour last month that almost "drowned" all of Guangzhou is probably still fresh in your memory. How to cope with the days of heavy rain in Guangzhou? How to prevent your shoes from getting drenched, and and how to drive safely in pouring rain? The following rain-proof products may be of great use. All of them can be purchased via Taobao.  

Shoe covers (雨鞋套)

If you don't want to wear clumsy rain shoes or get your smart shoes soaked on rainy days, these shoe covers may be a good option for you. Putting them on, you don't have to carefully avoid the water holes anymore. You can put them in a sealed bag after reaching your office or school.

Umbrella hat (伞帽)

Without the need to hold an umbrella handle, this item can set your hands free and allow you to engage in outdoor activities like fishing, even on rainy days. Some of the umbrella hats are double-layered, with a smaller umbrella on top. If the rain is not too heavy, you can flip the smaller umbrella so that it can be ventilated. However, if it rains cats and dogs, the single-layered version is more highly recommended.

Raincoat for riders (护目骑行雨衣)

This raincoat is designed for motorcycle riders. A large goggle, or safety glass, is equipped in front of the hat and two fitting covers are also set to shelter the rearview mirrors from the rain. With this raincoat, you needn't worry that the rain will hinder your riding.     

Eyebrow of rearview mirrors (后视镜雨眉)

This little contraption is very useful to drivers, since a rearview mirror is of vital importance to safe driving. It's very easy to install this "eyebrow," with which rearview mirrors will be clearer without the disturbance of heavy rains.  
Water-drawing agent (玻璃拨水剂)

Using windshield wipers to clean the rain stuck on car windows sometimes doesn't work well since it will leave water stains on the windows and thus blur a driver's vision.

A water-drawing agent may solve the problem. After you sprinkle the agent on the window and wait five to ten minutes to pass, the surface of the glass will be covered by a waterproof membrane. And just like that, the rain will slide off without leaving any marks. You still must pay attention that the agent will increase the resistance of the windscreen wipers and cause a harsh sound.