Peaceful Dongshan, a Nostalgic and Elegant Place

BY :Lifeofguangzhou.com

UPDATED :November 1, 2010


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The façade of a chic restaurant and bar based in a renovated old mansion on Yandun Road in Dongshan, Guangzhou. (photographed by Jessie Huang )

Historic houses with private courtyards and stylish décor, fine wine, coffee, a host of delicacies and \'membership\' privacy ... all these come together to create the peaceful elegance and nightlife of the Dongshan Area (around Dongshan Kou), where powerful millionaires and dignitaries once lived.

Many of their former mansions have been renovated into upscale bars, cafés, restaurants and clubs, nestled in this maze of nearly 100-year-old neighborhoods.

The classical-style interior of a bar on Junyi Road in Dongshan, Guangzhou.

Many of these places are quiet, some for members only, while most are well-suited to lounging and socializing with friends. In many ways Dongshan Kou\'s hideaways resemble old books, filled with stories about past generations.

It is said that the ambience of its hang-outs and outdoor environment have taken on a noble and relaxing air over the many years, now a cultural and nostalgic respite for weary urban minds.

Where to go: With Dongshan Kou Metro Station as the starting point, create a perimeter using Yandun Road, Miaoqian Zhi Street and Peizheng Road to the south, and Zhusi Gang and Nonglin Xia Road to the north.

A landscaped courtyard of a club house in Dongshan, Guangzhou. 

The balcony of a restaurant overlooking centurial Peizheng Middle School in Dongshan, Guangzhou. 

The interior of a bar in Dongshan, Guangzhou. 

The façade of a chic club house based in a renovated old mansion in Dongshan, Guangzhou.

The nostalgia and graceful interior of a bar on Zhusi Gang Er Road, Guangzhou.

(By Ronald Li and Stephen Roach)