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Bluish and white porcelain of Qing dynasty exhibited

BY :Sophia 丝路云帆

UPDATED :September 11, 2018


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Bluish and white porcelain is one of the famous products of Jingdezhen, China's porcelain capital in Jiangxi Province. It emerged in the Tang and Song dynasties, became exports in Yuan dynasty and acquired the highest level of craftsmanship in Qing dynasty.

The patterns on the porcelain wares are said to be painted with cobalt pigment, which was introduced to China in the Song dynasties. Before the Yuan dynasty, the aesthetic of porcelain and ceramics focuses on the shape and the quality of glaze. But from the Yuan dynasty, the patterns painted on the wares started to gain importance. The bluish and white porcelain, simple but elegant, was popular both at home and abroad and exported to West Asia and Europe.

Do you ever have a close look at the bluish and white porcelain wares produced in its heyday in Qing dynasty?Archaeologists had salvaged from a Qing dynasty shipwreck "Wanjiao I" a large number of such porcelain wares. Now 50 pieces of these relics are being exhibited at the Tangshan Museum in northern China's Hebei Province. Don't miss the opportunity to check out these exquisite artworks.

Source: WeChat(丝路云帆)