Tuesday,January 17,2017
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  1. GZ Railway Group Prepares for Spring Festival Travel Rush

    The 2011 Spring Festival travel rush will start on January 19th. To cope with the surge in the number of travelers the government has planned measures to guarantee everyone can be for the Lunar New Year's eve (Feb. 2nd).

  2. 1000 Chinese to Bound for California during Spring Festival

    The California Travel & Tourism Commission recently sent a delegation to Guangzhou for a 3-day visit during the Asian Games.

  3. Traditional Cantonese Snacks for Spring Festival

    By far one of the most important holidays for the Chinese people, Spring Festival (or the Chinese Lunar New Year) falls on January 1st on the Chinese Lunar calendar.

  4. Brightest Moon in 53yrs Lit-up Yuanxiao Festival

    Yesterday was Yuanxiao Festival, the last day of the Spring Festival. Parks across Guangzhou saw a large number of visitors flock through their gates to admire the traditional lanterns and seasonal flowers.

  5. Preference for Boys Marks "Ding" Day

    In a small local village called Zhucun, "Ding" Day is celebrated every year on the 10th day of the Spring Festival (23 February this year). On that day, red lanterns hanging in the altar, an old tradition to bless all the new-born male children.

  6. Spring Festival: Asian Games' Marks Popular among GZ Residents

    Residents in Guangzhou are celebrating the Spring Festival (also known as the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year) with special attention on the forthcoming Asian Games in November.

  7. Hainan to Curb 'Whopping Housing Price'

    As of the phenomena that the "whopping prices" for living in hotels in Hainan Province "bluff off" the tourists during the Spring Festival, the government would takes efforts to regulate the market

  8. Labor shortage Puts Squeeze on Delta

    Companies in the Pearl River Delta region, one of the world's largest manufacturing bases, are facing a serious shortage of migrant workers after the Spring Festival.

  9. Spring Festival Events in Guangzhou

    Guangzhou is known as the "Flower City" in China for its blooming flowers all year round. Bustling flower fairs are held annually during the Spring Festivals.

  10. Warm Tips for Your Happy Spring Festival

    Like many other big cities in the world, Guangzhou has its share of crime and violence. To guarantee you spend a happy and safe Spring Festival holiday, a few simple rules should be obeyed whether staying at home or travelling.

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