Monday,July 24,2017
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  1. Australian Life Path Photographic Show

    The show, jointly organized by the Australian Consulate General in Guangzhou and the Chen Clan's Academy, presents historic photographs from the Chinese Museum in Melbourne, Australia.

  2. The Portrait Photograph on Exit-Entry Permit Certificate Digitalized

    The Division of Exit and Entry Administration of Public Security would adopt the centralized mode of gathering the digital portrait photographs for issuing the Exit-Entry Permit Certificate.

  3. Exhibition Series of Sha Fei Photography Award

    Sha Fei was one of the most prominent photographers in China in the 20th century. His photographs are key pieces of the visual memory of Chinese people in the last century.

  4. "Who is Lu Xun?" Photo Exhibition Commemorating LuXun's 80 Years in GZ

    This exhibition consists of about 30 sections photographs of Lu Xun's hometown, life, writings, love story with Xu Guangping and his funeral.

  5. Transsexual Woman Campaigns for AIDS Awareness

    Transsexual woman Liu Xuanyi in the costume she made with condoms poses for photographs in a move to arouse AIDS awareness in people in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region December 4.

  6. "Nansha: The Last Lizard" Xu Peiwu Photography Exhibition

    The photographs, together with those from "Xi Guan" and "Zhujiang New Town", compose an urban series that portray the changes of Chinese cities in recent years.

  7. Chung Episode Prompts Gov't to Review Spying Law

    Chief Executive Donald Tsang yesterday condemned the publication of Twins' singer Gillian Chung's sleazy photographs and asked the government to begin discussions on how such covert activities could be regulated.

  8. Hong Kong Four-Cast: Photographs by Almond Chu, Lau Ching Ping, Hisun Wong and Wong Wo Bik

    Four Hong Kong photographers shot a large number of photos to reflect different angles of the international metropolis. Some photos show peaceful scenes in the busy city, while others capture the old traditional buildings.

  9. New Stamps to Carry Personal Photographs in Shenzhen

    Looking for a good reason to dump e-mails and start writing letters again? The Shenzhen Stamps Collection Company might have something for you.

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