Monday,July 24,2017
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  1. Visiting Macao's Past in Images

    The earliest remaining known photographs of China were taken by Jules Itier, a Frenchman who traveled to China in the 1840s as part of a diplomatic mission sent by King Louis-Philippe.

  2. World's First Camera on Display in Macao

    Entitled "The Invention of Photography and the Earliest Photographs of Macao, China", an exhibition showcasing old photos and cameras, including the world's first camera, was opened Friday at the Macao Museum.

  3. 86-year-old Man Captures Old Canton in Photographs

    Li Ruiran has left his footprints on many sidewalks in the city and its suburbs over the years, hurried along by the hectic speed of urban development. You can now appreciate his photographs of old Canton at the Fei Gallery until November 8.

  4. People's Folk Sports - GOA Exhibits

    These works are mainly photographs but include various art categories covering traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, engraving, sculpture, and folk painting.

  5. South China Tiger Photos Are Fake

    The controversial south China tiger photographs by farmer Zhou Zhenglong were fake, according to sources at a press conference of the Shaanxi Provincial government on Sunday.

  6. Asia-themed Photography Show

    The show displays 300 photographs selected from past winners of the "Humanity Photo Award".

  7. First French Art Exhibition Held at Chen Clan Academy

    53 exhibits in total are available at the exhibition, including sculptures, paintings and photographs by four French artists including Pascal & Garin. The exhibition will help citizens learn more about the charm of French culture.

  8. Imaginary Space: Jerry Uelsmann Retrospective

    With sophisticated techniques, he created his surreal photographs in a series of steps through more than one projector, masking, shading, projecting and exposing different areas of the photosensitive paper.

  9. South China Tiger Photos Are 'Fake'

    The controversy over the authenticity of photographs of the believed-to-be-extinct wild South China tiger seemed to have come to an end on Friday.

  10. Xu PeiWu Photographic Exhibition of City Images in 10 Years

    In recent years, Xu has recorded the urbanization of Guangzhou with photographs. He has chosen Guangzhou's Nansha, a rural area on the edge of city, as his longtime project.

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