Friday,February 24,2017
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  1. Shenzhen Home to Largest Number of Migrants in the Country

    The reputation of Shenzhen as a mecca for migrants in China has been supported by a nationwide sample census which reported an increase of 1.26 million permanent residents in the city in five years.

  2. No Reason to Panic over Lack of Oil in Guangdong

    Residents in South China's Guangdong Province do not need to worry about oil shortages as supplies are adequate there, a market insider has assured.

  3. 400 Dead Dolphins Found off African Coast

    At least 400 dead dolphins were found on Zanzibar's northern coastline early Friday, April 28, 2006, alarming villagers, fishermen and tour operators, residents said. It was not immediately clear what killed the dolphins...

  4. City of Piano to Host Clarinet Contest

    Shenzhen, the city of piano, will host a clarinet contest from May 15 to 20 to popularize the instrument among more residents.

  5. 37 HK Compatriots Back to Home from Solomons

    Thirty-seven Hong Kong residents and their relatives who were evacuated from riot-torn Solomon Islands arrived in Hong Kong from Guangzhou Tuesday afternoon.

  6. Expired Drugs Replaceable in Shenzhen

    Shenzhen residents can now replace more kinds of expired drugs, after a nationwide charity drive to replace drugs was extended, the Daily Sunshine reported Monday.

  7. Over 400,000 Residents Leave HK for Holiday

  8. Shenzheners to Buy Private Jets

    Six Shenzhen residents would probably purchase private jets this year, said Frank Caruso, vice president of aviation consulting firm Aviatrade Asia, after its Shenzhen office opened Tuesday.

  9. People's Living in 2004

    Urban and rural residents constantly raise their living standard.

  10. Foshan Residents Embrace Culture Carnival

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