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Top 5 Places for Confession and Proposal in Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day of this year is coming. has chosen for you the best five of them. Plan well and bring her there! Good Luck!

Valentine's Day of this year is coming. It's the best time of a year to do something to survive from being single and lonely. There are many places in Guangzhou suitable for the men's confession to their beloved women. has chosen for you the best five of them. Plan well and bring her there! Good Luck!

Canton Tower
As the tallest architecture in the city, Canton Tower can help a man catch a star easier even if his lover asks him to do so. Enjoy a candlelight dinner in the tower's restaurant in up high. Then bring her to the sightseeing platform. When she is fascinated by the skyline of the glamorous city, it is time to put your pledge of love, say it a ring, in front of her eyes, and whisper to her the three magic words. [More]

Wedding Dress Street
Located in Jiangnan Avenue North, the street full of wedding dress shops collects the sweetest memories of millions of girls. Bring your girl there and browse every showcase. It is the best place to give her your lifelong promise and picture your dream life. [More]

Sacred Heart Cathedral
The air of one century ago stays there. It is the best place in the city to witness your sacred love. Listening to the hymns surrounding in the cathedral, the souls are purified. The girls would be happy to see the dedicated gothic decoration and the colorful windows. It is a romantic place for your confession. [More]

Pearl River
The bund of the Pearl River may be the most popular place for dating in the past century. Walk along the river and enjoy the golden afterglow reflected on the river like twinkling stars. When the sun sets and the moon goes up in the sky, the river will be all lightened. Take her hand at this moment for now and ever. [More]

Shamian Island
Most girls love European-style architecture. Shamian Island, once the concession of Britain and France, is of course one of the favorite landscapes for the girls in Guangzhou. The noise of the city disappears here. Wander between the old buildings, listen to the birds singing, feel the breeze in the trees. The world becomes smaller and smaller, until only you and her. [More]

(By Lynus Tan)


Editor:Lynus Tan
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