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Tianhe to lure headquarters with 130m yuan
Companies that established headquarters in Tianhe will be awarded a maximum of 100 million yuan, 50 times more than the 2 million yuan before.


Companies that established headquarters in Tianhe will be awarded a maximum of 100 million yuan, 50 times more than the 2 million yuan before, according to the newly revised “1+1+8” policy package unveiled by the Tianhe government at a press conference on July 5.
The purpose of revising the policy is to put more focus on key companies, technological innovation and high-caliber talents. “We will further enhance efforts to introduce talents and increase financial incentives so as to draw more companies to set up regional headquarters in Tianhe,” said Zhang Haibo, director of the Tianhe District Bureau of Commerce and Financial Work at the press conference.

Key companies

Companies that establish headquarters in Tianhe will be granted incentives based on their ratings. 20 million yuan will be given to world’s top 500 and China’s top 500 companies and 10 million yuan to China’s top 500 private companies and China’s top 100 service companies. Other certified transnational headquarters will be awarded 5 million yuan.
If companies mentioned above locate their headquarters in Intelligence Business District (IBD), a core area in Tianhe, they will also be given another 300 million yuan for three consecutive years.

Technological innovation

The Tianhe government will establish a special fund worth of 2 billion yuan to support emerging industries like cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, IAB as well as cultural and creative industries.

To increase its support for high-tech companies, Tianhe officials will grant a maximum of 1.8 million yuan to existing key companies in Tianhe and extra 800,000 yuan to the new ones or those who invest more in research and development.

Also, Tianhe now gives priority to the development of the cultural and creative industries and will spend 20 million yuan every year promoting key sectors like digital content, creative design, and culture and art services. And relevant talents will be awarded a maximum of 500,000 yuan.

High-caliber talents

High-caliber talents from fields like IAB, finance, and cultural and creative industries will be given a maximum of 7.5 million yuan. And their children can get the privileged access to slots of elementary and secondary schools as well as health care services in Tianhe. Besides, senior executives working for the existing or new key enterprises can get a subsidy of 2 million yuan.  

To build the international talent highland, Tianhe also takes actions to draw overseas innovative talents from emerging industries of strategic importance. Apart from the incentives for domestic talents they can get, the overseas talents can also get a subsidy ranging from 200,000 to 100,000 and 50,000 yuan.   
Guiding fund of 200 billion yuan

The Tianhe Venture Capital Building, the first building dedicated to venture capital in China, has thousands of equity investment organizations, with funds of 200 billion yuan under their management. Financial institutions located in Tianhe can get a maximum of 15 million yuan and senior executives working for the institutions can get 3 million yuan.

Besides, following the Tianhe-1 and Tianhe-2 funds of over 200 million yuan, a 150-million-yuan guiding fund for boosting entrepreneurship and investment is also established.

Editor:Joanna You
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