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Multifunctional smart kiosks to facilitate life in Guangzhou
A shiny smart kiosk made its appearance in Baiyun district on June 28 and immediately caught the attention of nearby citizens.


A shiny smart kiosk made its appearance in Baiyun district on June 28 and immediately caught the attention of nearby citizens.
Newspapers, magazines and books can be seen arranged in perfect order, and a book sharing box was spotted inside the kiosk. A vending machine sits on the left, and a smart touch screen on the right.
“The touch screen is actually a big iPad connected to the Internet,” said Zhao Qicong, a member of the sales department of Guangzhou Kiosk Company. “Citizens can use all the applications on it for free.”
A total of 18 apps are available on the screen, about half of which are news service providers, such as the Guangzhou Daily and People’ Daily. Citizens can click on these apps and start reading right away. They can also pay their bills, buy train tickets, check bus lines, search for restaurants and scenic spots, or even check the progress of their applications on the government’s website of online services.
“The facility also offers free Wi-Fi coverage, and citizens can connect to the Internet with an identification code sent to their smartphones, even without an app,” Zhao said.
Two power outlets and data wires were also spotted on the left side of the kiosk, with a sign indicating free phone-charging services. “Citizens can charge both Android and Apple mobile phones here,” the keeper of the facility said. “When you find a smart kiosk, you find a huge power bank.”
The introduction of smart kiosks is part of the city’s effort to facilitate life in Guangzhou. “We have launched 37 in five districts — Tianhe, Yuexiu, Haizhu, Liwan and Baiyun — and are testing one with 24-hour unattended operation on Baiyun Lu,” said Zhao.
These kiosks also boast a new function of book sharing, which echoes the city’s promotion of reading among citizens. After scanning the QR code on the sharing box and following the account, readers can ask the keeper in the facility for a key and exchange their books for the ones in the box. The books to share must be 80 percent new, and each reader can only exchange two books at a time.
“To make the kiosks more helpful in the city, we will try to cooperate with express delivery companies to place smart lockers in the facility. The touch screen will also be improved to provide all-dimensional guidance for both citizens and tourists,” said Zhao. It can be expected that more services from the kiosks are on the way to make life easier in the future.

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