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You could be the one to bring Global 500 CEOs to Guangzhou
Dear students, have you ever dreamt of being the manager or CEO of a leading company in the world?


Dear students, have you ever dreamt of being the manager or CEO of a leading company in the world?
Do you want to talk to Global 500 CEOs and tell them about the Guangzhou you know?
Let’s write an invitation letter to them this summer. Once your letter is selected, you could be the “Fortune Messenger” who invite them here on behalf of the city and talk to them face to face.
The 2017 Fortune Global Forum will be held in the city on December 6-8. Guangzhou has already promoted the upcoming event in 11 major cities worldwide that boast quite a number of Global 500 companies. Next, the Guangzhou delegation will go to major cities in China targeting famous domestic companies.
“The Fortune Global Forum is not only a high-profile event for the political and economic circle. It is also an event for all Guangzhouers,” said Cai Chaolin, vice mayor of Guangzhou, who thinks citizens should be given the opportunities to play their part in the event.

Therefore, he announced the activity “Fortune Messengers sending invitations to Fortune Global 500 CEOs” at the “Guangzhou Night” held during the Summer Davos 2017 in Dalian city, Liaoning on June 28.

The announcement of the activity will be sent out in July to over 2 million students in the city through the Education Bureau. Students will be encouraged to write a letter of invitation to Global 500 CEOs and experts and attract them to Guangzhou by telling the story of the city they grow up in.

“A letter by a child is more likely to touch people than an official letter of invitation. For the child whose letter is selected, it will be an unforgettable experience and may also plant in his/her heart a dream to be a CEO one day,” said Cai about the purpose of the activity. “And over 2 million students could mean the engagement of 6 to 7 million family members.”

(By Sophia Tang, Louis Berney)
Editor:Joanna You
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