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Guangzhou makes London business pitch
The southern Chinese city of Guangzhou hosted a road show in London to promote the 2017 Fortune Global Forum.

The southern Chinese city of Guangzhou hosted a road show in London to promote the 2017 Fortune Global Forum, aimed at attracting some of the world's largest enterprises to the high-profile business event that will be held in Guangzhou in early December.

The London meeting marked the 11th stop of Guangzhou's international road show of the 2017 forum. More than 150 people, including representatives from governments, enterprises and trade associations in Guangzhou and the UK, attended the event, promoting further cooperation between the two sides.

In recent years, the Chinese city has seen steady growth in attracting foreign investment and cooperation between the UK and Guangzhou. The UK is now an important trading partner and investment source for Guangzhou, with trade volume exceeding 16.38 billion yuan (US.4 billion) last year.

Speaking to official UK officials and business leaders at London’s Berkeley Hotel, Cai Chaolin, Guangzhou’s vice-mayor, introduced the city’s initiatives of developing a technology innovation hub, which is expected to bring new business opportunities for UK companies coming to the city.

Noting London’s special status as a global financial center as well as an important international shipping center, Cai said. “The integration of finance and shipping can generate a powerful incentive, which is something we need to know.”

He said that there is no shortage of large ports in China, as it hosts six or seven of the world’s largest ports.

However, Cai said, “China is missing a high level of shipping, transaction, legal and financial services to make those ports leading international shipping centers.”

A routable discussion titled “The UK-China Opportunity: Innovation, Investment and Impact”was held as part of the event.

One of the panelists, Noel Quinn, chief executive of global commercial banking at HSBC, said,”The UK businesses have continued to perform extremely strongly, and in the second half of last year exceeded all expectations with respect to trading performance, and business profitability , which shows great resilience. ”

But the UK business community is not reaching out to the rest of the world as much as some of their European competitors are, said Quinn, who sees China as a huge opportunity for that, especially in the post-Brexit era.

Quinn said that UK corporate banks dealing in the fields of infrastructure, space, engineering, construction and architecture are doing extremely well in entering China, providing services and partnering with Chinese business.

Editor:Joanna You
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