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Overseas Chinese media tours Guangzhou for closer ties
A delegation of 50 top overseas Chinese media representatives arrived in Guangzhou on June 12 to cover the Cantonese culture and its booming economic development.


A delegation of 50 top overseas Chinese media representatives arrived in Guangzhou on June 12 to cover the Cantonese culture and its booming economic development on their first stop of a tour titled Guangdong in the Eyes of Overseas Chinese Media:Maritime Silk Road•Cantonese Culture 2017.

The visiting group consisted of presidents and editors-in-chief of 43 Chinese media outlets in 28 countries and regions.

“Thanks for your efforts to promote Guangzhou. I hope you continue to pay more attention to Guangzhou’s development, new look and achievements, especially Guangzhou’s importance in Belt and Road Initiative.” said Feng Guangjun, the director of the Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, at the welcome speech.

Guangzhou, as the origin of the ancient Maritime Silk Road, sees itself as an inclusive “millennial trade capital" and is filled with vigor and rich culture, Feng said. Focusing on innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing, he explained, the city tries to build itself into a hub network city, promote itself as a major national central city, accelerate the development of a new open economic system and improve its global resources allocation capabilities.

The city’s GDP reached 1.96 trillion yuan in 2016. That figure was the third-highest in China after Beijing and Shanghai and was equivalent to the GDP of Hong Kong and Singapore. Guangzhou has been stepping up its efforts in recent years to build itself into a hub for international shipping, aviation and technological innovation. Guangzhou has been cited as a “City of Opportunity” for two consecutive years by PricewaterhouseCoopers and has topped Forbes magazine’s list of Best Commercial Cities on the Chinese Mainland for five years. It also serves as a core city in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and plays a significant role in implementing the Belt and Road Initiative.

The overseas media group visited many famous enterprises in Guangzhou. The traditional Chinese medicine enterprise, Chen Li Ji Pharmaceutical, one of China's “time-honored brands,” with a history of 400 years, was one of them. The delegation members were shown around the company’s traditional Chinese medicine museum and production workshop and impressed by Guangzhou’s brand culture.

(By Chris Wang, Louis Beney)

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