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Guangzhou aims for cooperation with Munich in advanced manufacturing
Guangzhou hosts a roadshow to promote the 2017 Fortune Global Forum today in Munich, Germany.


Guangzhou hosts a roadshow to promote the 2017 Fortune Global Forum today in Munich, Germany. It aims to explore further cooperation in manufacturing industry with local enterprises and attract them to the high-profile business event, which will be held in Guangzhou in December. 
As the second promotion in Europe after Paris, the roadshow features a roundtable meeting, where representatives of leading manufacturing enterprises and relevant institutes meet and discuss cooperation. Attendees include Marc Wawerla, chief operating officer of ZEISS Vision Care, Andreas Kunze, founder and CEO of KONUX, and Dalia Marin, chair of International Economics at the University of Munich.
Guangzhou has maintained a trade tie of mutual interest with Germany for quite some time. Germany is the largest trade partner of Guangzhou in Europe. In 2016, the trade volume between both sides reached US.28 billion, an increase of 7.5 percent from the previous year. In the first quarter of 2017, the trade continued to flourish and scored a volume of US.37 billion. By March 2017, Germany had made direct investment of US0 million in a total of 144 Guangzhou enterprises.
In recent years, Guangzhou has been focusing efforts on emerging industries of strategic importance and technological progress. Its advanced manufacturing, including automobile, electronics and intelligent equipment, has accounted for 62 percent of the city's manufacturing industry. In 2016, its intelligent equipment and robot industry realized an output value of US.2 billion, with its capacity ranking 2nd nationwide. The rapid development of Guangzhou in advanced manufacturing has opened up tons of opportunities for cooperation between Guangzhou and the industrial power. 

The city has always valued the advanced industrial technologies in Europe. And the cooperation of both sides in intelligent robot and equipment has showed great prospect. Some enterprises have started such cooperation and achieved favorable results. For example, Greatoo Intelligent Equipment Inc, located in Huangpu district, Guangzhou, has teamed up with Germany-headquartered OPS-INGERSOLL Machine Tool Co., Ltd. to develop and produce Electrical Discharge Machining (EMD) machine tool. The product has been successfully launched into the market.

By hosting the roadshow in Munich and attracting industrial giants to the upcoming Fortune Global Forum, it is expected that intelligent equipment enterprises from Guangzhou and Europe can come together to share ideas and take cooperation further.

(By Sophia Tang, Louis Berney)

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