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Leave the summer heat yelling outside museums
Waves of heat and rays of blazing sunlight announce the coming of summer.


Waves of heat and rays of blazing sunlight announce the coming of summer. Heavy rains are on their way and can spoil a whole bunch of outdoor fun. But who says you can’t have a good time in Guangzhou? Enjoy an easy, breezy and culture-loaded summer in the city’s enchanting museums!
Here we recommend some of the best museums and exhibitions in the city to expand your list of summer activities.
1. Titanic Relics Exhibition

 Over 300 relics reclaimed from the debris field of the Titanic are going to be exhibited for the first time on the Chinese mainland. Also on display are the re-creations of the ship's first- and third-class cabins, the café, the luxurious stairs and the captain's bridge. Visitors can study the relics wakened from century-long slumber, listen to the ship’s boiler rumbling and sirens wailing, and feel the destructive collision and the chill of icebergs.

The relics are ready to tell the story of life in 1912, while 3D documentaries and recreations are going to take visitors back to the luxury cruise ship to experience its unforgettable maiden voyage.

Venue: 3/F, Guangdong Museum
Dates: June 16-October 15
Metro: AMP Line, Guangzhou Opera House Station, Exit B  

2.  Litchi-themed Exhibition

Litchis are unique to the Lingnan area, which mainly refers to modern Guangdong and Hainan provinces and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It has long been the favorite fruit for many Chinese, from the imperial family to common citizens, since ancient times. The fresh, tender and juicy fruit has been endowed with good wishes, such as good luck, big fortune and fertility by Lingnan-ers, whose memories of hometown are always tinged with a bit of litchi sweetness.
The exhibition here features over 90 litchi-themed collections including antiques and paintings. It will navigate visitors through all the wonders of the litchi: its nature as a fruit, artistic image and cultural connotations. 


The above is a poem written by Du Mu, a famous poet from the Tang Dynasty (618-907). It describes the story of Emperor Xuanzong ordering a litchi tree to be shipped from the South, or the Lingnan area, to Tang's capital Chang' an, the modern Shaanxi province in northern China, to earn a smile from his concubine, Yang Yuhuan.
Venue: 3/F, Guangdong Museum
Dates: June 9-July 30
Metro: AMP Line, Guangzhou Opera House Station, Exit B 
 3. Grand Spectacles on the Stone: Pictorial Art of the Han Dynasty

Compared to the bronze vessels and inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells that carried the lordliness, mystery and ferocity of the Shang Dynasty (16th-11th century B.C.), the Han pictorial stones are more like a folk epic that touches people with its crude yet genuine presentation of life in the Han Dynasty (202 B. C.-220 A. D.). The rubbings of the Han pictorial stones will be exhibited so visitors can feel the confidence, boldness and romance of the Han pictorial arts.
Venue: Chinese Paintings of All Dynasties Gallery, 1/F, Hall 2, Guangzhou Museum of Art
Dates: May 18-August 28
Metro: Line 5, Xiao Bei Station, Exit C

4. Contemporary Art Exhibition of Central and Eastern European Countries

As an event of the China and Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) Cultural Season, the exhibition shows how artistic works of different styles from different eras and countries deal with social, environmental or even global issues of their specific historical periods. Works from international artists such as Marina Abramović and Ulay (Frank Uwe Laysiepen),Rasa Todosijevic and BracoDimitrijevic will be on display as well as those from emerging international artists of the last 15 years. Visitors may have a better understanding of historical issues and individuals’ roles in turbulent times through the display.

Venue: Halls 1, 2, 3, 4, Guangdong Museum of Art
Dates: May 27-July 15
How to go: Take Metro Line 6 and get off at Donghu Station (Exit A), then take bus b12 at Yanjiang Donglu to Xinghai Concert Hall. The Guangdong Museum of Art is just nearby

5. Travel With A House On The Back: The World Of Shellfish
Submarine, charcoal roasted oyster, abalone shell, “squidward, or Paul, Octopus of the year,” snail, slug…What’s the connection between all these? Why do many money-related Chinese words, such as “财(fortune)” and“贵(expensive)”, all have “贝” (shell) as a component? Why are shellfish, the architects of solid, colorful "houses" of different shapes, called mollusks, or soft-body creatures?
This exhibition is going to provide answers with over 1,000 shellfish specimens and relevant relics.


Venue: 3/F, Guangdong Museum
Dates: May 1-August 27
Metro: Guangzhou Opera House Station, AMP Line, Exit B
6. Exhibition of Ocean Creatures

Do you know jellyfish, the dreamlike creature that’s older than the dinosaur? Why do they have strong vitality with only a transparent body that’s soft like silk? How are they related to human beings? Featuring over 10 jellyfish, the exhibition is going to reveal the wonders of this creature and offer visitors a refreshing view of the ocean environment. It’s a great event for a cool summer day, especially with kids.
Venue: Guangdong Science Center
Dates: June-September
How to go: Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Higher Education Mega Center North (Exit D), then take bus 383 to Guangdong Science Center.

(By Sophia Tang, Louis Berney)


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