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Guangzhou promotes 2017 Fortune Global Forum in Chicago
The roadshow of the upcoming 2017 Fortune Global Forum hits Chicago today, the 8th stop of its global tour.  


The roadshow of the upcoming 2017 Fortune Global Forum hits Chicago today, the 8th stop of its global tour. 

The event is hosted by the Guangzhou Municipal Government and Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce and organized by the Guangzhou Phar. Holdings. 
Like the previous two roadshows held in America, the event attracts quite a bit of attention, with guests including Adam Lashinsky, executive editor of Fortune Magazine, John S. Needham, managing director of the Fortune Global Forum, the government officials of Chicago and representatives of local or Chicago-based Global 500 companies.
Multiple Guangzhou enterprises, such as China Southern Airlines Company Limited, Bank of Guangzhou, Yuexiu Group and IFLYTEK CO., LTD., attend the roadshow, seeking cooperation with Boeing, Ingredion and other leading companies in America.
Themed “Open Perspective, Innovation Approach — Guangzhou Dialogue with American Enterprises,”  “the event is expected to promote Guangzhou’s urban development philosophy, business environment, open policy and cooperative willingness among local Global 500 companies,” said Cai Chaolin, vice mayor of Guangzhou. Building a smart, healthy and environment-friendly hub city is also the main topic of discussion.
Guangzhou shares a similar industrial structure with Chicago, which also has a developed tourism industry. Both are the 3rd-biggest cities and important transportation hubs in their own countries. There’s no lack of opportunities for mutual learning and cooperation.
What’s more, Guangzhou is speeding up its effort to develop the financial industry. And Chicago is an international financial center and home to the Chicago Stock Exchange, the second-biggest one in America. It will no doubt offer a lot to learn from as Guangzhou strives to develop into a regional financial center around southeast China and Southeast Asia.

(By Sophia Tang, Louis Berney)

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