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What does ‘City of Opportunity’ entail for you
Guangzhou authority will invest 68.9 billion yuan on the construction of 908 urban infrastructures in 2017 while in the first quarter of the year, 54 of the 908 projects have gone into full operation.


Guangzhou authority will invest 68.9 billion yuan on the construction of 908 urban infrastructures in 2017 while in the first quarter of the year, 54 of the 908 projects have gone into full operation.

You are absolutely wrong if you think that is what Guangzhou has all done in 2017. It has testified to its competitiveness by presenting a list of achievements in the first quarter of 2017.

Guangzhou’s ‘going global’

On March 11, a short video titled "Guangzhou, Flower City in Bloom" made its debut on "the China Screen" at Times Square in New York. It was for the first time that Guangzhou, the third-largest city of China, was presented at the "world’s crossroad." In the 30-second video clip, Guangzhou showed the world its blended image of an international city, a high-tech city and an artistic city.

On March 14, Guangzhou set up liaison offices in Boston and Silicon Valley. Undergoing a transformation into an international hub of innovation from a traditional trade port, the city is seeking out US companies for investment. It is embracing global innovation with a more open mind.

Guangzhou’s ‘bringing in’

A total of 366 foreign-invested companies were established in Guangzhou from January to February this year, an increase of over 60 percent year-on-year. Also, about 300 Fortune Global 500 corporations have launched nearly 800 projects in Guangzhou, according to officials.

Here are some of these projects

AsiaInfo Data established its 3 billion yuan worth of global headquarters, aiming to build Nansha into AsiaInfo’s biggest talent cluster and full-featured industrial base in the world.

Fosun located its South China headquarters in Haizhu district, which will play a significant role in Guangzhou’s medical service reform.

Tencent will transfer its QQ mailbox and mobile security software business to Guangzhou, which makes a dent among the public.

The South China operation center of Alibaba will settle in Guangzhou and serve as an important strategic platform for the development of emerging industries in South China.

The intelligent hardware sales business of has managed to march into Haizhu district. Xiaomi’s other ecological projects are also moving to Guangzhou gradually.

The South China headquarters of iFLYTEK’s has been officially launched in Guangzhou and an online English learning program starts to operate in April.

Zurich Insurance Group, a Fortune Global 500 company, built a branch office in Guangzhou.

Foxconn will build a world giant plant in Guangzhou, investing 61 billion yuan in the construction of the world's largest 8k-resolution panel factory.
Guangzhou’s ‘attractiveness’

On March 17, Guangzhou was named the top Chinese city of opportunity for the second consecutive year for its technological innovation and balanced development. Its vigorous development in finance, economy and transportation contributes to its success.   

Besides, Guangzhou is rated as the least costly among major Chinese metropolises according to a report released by the Economist Intelligence Unit. It shows that housing prices in Guangzhou are the lowest among first-tier Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

What’s more, Guangzhou tops both Beijing and Shanghai in the number of students it has in its primary schools and also saw the student population growing faster last year than either of the other two major Chinese cities. Large numbers and sustained growth of pupils illustrate that a city is attractive because people are willing to get married and raise a child there. 

Guangzhou’s ‘future opportunity’

During the ”two sessions” this year, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area was included into China’s government work report, meaning Guangzhou will also embrace opportunities. The development of the local bay area will lure more international giants and capital to Guangzhou, fueling its economic growth.

Also, Guangzhou, as China’s south gateway to the world, serves as the transportation hub in South China Region. Its sea, land and air transportation capacity all come out in front in China.

(By Chris Wang, Louis Berney)

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