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Guangzhou sets up ‘green channel’ to woo talents
Undergoing a transformation into an international hub of innovation from a traditional trade port, Guangzhou is seeking out US companies for investment.

Gao Lin, a player of China’s national football team as well as Guangzhou’s Evergrande Taobao Football Club, went through the formalities of his household registration in Guangzhou in just half a day, with the help of the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau. Gao’s case is an example of how newcomers with special talents can make use of a “green channel” to expedite and ease the often complicated process.

The green channel for talents from home and abroad serves as an important way to smooth their transition to the city. It’s also part of a major initiative of Guangzhou to develop the city as a “talent highland,” according to officials of the Guangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (GMHRSSB).

Unlike previous requirements or formalities for luring talent, the green channel has a relatively simple procedure. Applicants do not have to shuttle between different departments any more, which saves them time and energy. They can simply go to the local police only when they apply for household residence migration and an ID card.

“As of today, a total of 20 types of high-end and urgently needed talents from various fields - including culture, sports and art - are introduced to Guangzhou through the green channel,” the officials said.

So who are the green channel meant for?

1.Talents including academicians with the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering, experts selected through the government’s “Thousand Talents Plan,” and experts in the “Special Support Plan for National High-level Talents.” and others.

2.Outstanding and influential figures in realms like culture, sports and art.

3.Talents who have physical disadvantages.

4. others

(By Chris Wang, Louis Berney)
Editor:Joanna You
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