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Guangzhou grasps No. 1 spot in smart transportation
Smart traffic lights have illuminated Guangzhou and become a cure for congestion.

Smart traffic lights have illuminated Guangzhou and become a cure for congestion. The positive result of the city’s integrated strategy - “Internet plus transportation” - has won people’s applause and also enhanced the smart administration of local government.

Guangzhou ranks first in smart transportation among 62 Chinese cities, according to a report released by a domestic navigation company, Autonavi Holdings Ltd (Amap), last September.

Average vehicle speed during workdays on main roads of downtown Guangzhou increased 3.21 percent from January to November of last year, compared with that of 2015. And the average speed in evening rush hour is up 6.71 percent, according to analysis of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) by Sun Yat-sen University.

A survey last year from the Guangzhou Bureau of Statistics revealed that over 60 percent of local people express satisfaction regarding the traffic of the downtown area. Guangzhou has achieved initial improvement against traffic congestion, and meanwhile, the average speed of vehicles has increased, according to the local transportation department.

Besides the above achievements, Guangzhou Department of Transportation has innovated its managerial method and staged a new strategy - “Internet plus transportation.” In a nutshell, this new concept aims to enhance the efficiency of roads, avoid congestion and offer convenience to people on the roads with the help of big data.

Connecting with thousands of traffic lights in the city, this smart managerial platform is capable of analyzing the traffic situation of every road and crossroad. That data then can be sent to the city’s traffic command system in a short time. In addition, drivers can also receive the data for choosing an easier way to go, decreasing the possibility of traffic jams.

Another function of the smart traffic lights is that it can automatically adjust the time of lights based on the current traffic, to ensure the reasonable utilization of roads.

(By Zoe Xu, Louis Berney)
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