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Guangzhou Officials to Boost Charitable Activities
The Bureau of Civil Affairs of Guangzhou Municipality recently released an action plan aimed at converting Guangzhou into a “charity city.”

The Bureau of Civil Affairs of Guangzhou Municipality recently released an action plan aimed at converting Guangzhou into a “charity city.”

Last December, the China Charity Alliance unveiled its fourth charity index, and out of 256 cities, Guangzhou — following Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing — ranked fourth in the ranking of most charitable cities. Guangzhou topped the list when it came to the growth rate of donations and charity organizations. Also, Guangzhou ranked third in developing a charity culture.

“Charity city” is gradually becoming the name card of Guangzhou. Local authorities have tried hard to broaden the channels for citizens to participate in charitable activities and to work up citizens’ passion for getting involved. For instance, charitable activities often are combined with sports, art events, consumption and venture capital to attract citizens. Meanwhile, Guangzhou has seen an increasingly rich charity atmosphere emerge, along with charity symbols, songs, and mascots.

Guangzhou will embark in full sail on its charity city concept in the following seven ways, according to the new plan.

Expanding donation channels

Guangzhou authorities will improve the donation system by creating new methods of donation, including mobile, internet crowdfunding, sports crowdfunding, monthly donations and a MicroCharity platform. At the same time, Guangzhou government will push charity organizations to donate technology, stock equity, service, property rights and securities instead of just money and items.

Establishing a big data platform

Guangzhou government will establish data resources of charity organizations and join hands with government social assistance systems to improve methods of charity aid. Community foundations will be launched to push the development of charity business in the the city’s various districts, towns and communities.

Creating a better charitable atmosphere

In order to boost charities in Guangzhou, officials will vigorously promote charity symbols, charity songs and mascots and establish special charity squares, charity communities, charity streets, charity villages, charity schools and charity parks. What’s more, charity activities will be held in elementary and secondary schools, which will involve more students in charitable activities.

Forging professional charity teams

Guangzhou government will create charity organization incubation platforms as well as charity innovation platforms to encourage charity innovation and entrepreneurship. Also, charity teams consisting of professional talents who are experienced in charitable activities will be established.

Pushing the development of a charity hub

Guangzhou will hold charity exchange meetings between national charity cities and build an international comprehensive charity exchange platform at the national level. Guangzhou will also enhance communication with charity organizations at home and abroad and build the city into an international hub for charity innovation and development.

Strengthening supervision on charity activities

Authorities will establish a comprehensive supervision system by combining government regulation, social supervision, industry self-discipline and inside governance. At the same time, they will make a scientific evaluation on the development level and potential of charity organizations.

Strengthening the incentive mechanism

Government officials will improve the compilation of a local charity list and support title sponsorship of donation projects. Also, services provided by individuals will be included on the credit records the government is keeping on all citizens.

(By Chris Wang, Louis Berney)

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