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Guangzhou building more people-friendly bathrooms
Guangzhou is striving to make its bathrooms more humane and people-friendly, as well as more high tech.

Guangzhou is striving to make its bathrooms more humane and people-friendly, as well as more high tech. It also will build unisex bathrooms, responding to a call by the nationwide “bathroom revolution” put forward by China's National Tourism Administration (CNTA).

CNTA is urging the country's 5A-class scenic spots to install unisex bathrooms. That proposal came during a conference on transforming the nation's public toilets held in Guangzhou on February 4.

A total of 604 unisex bathrooms will be built in 5A-class scenic spots across China in 2017, with 29 in Guangdong. The special bathrooms will become one of the mandatory standards of 5A-class spots, and the country will also install new high-tech toilets and promote the commercialization of toilet facilities, said Li Jinzao, head of CNTA.

What’s a unisex bathroom? 

This kind of bathroom is also called a “family restroom,” designed for those who need the help of family members of different gender to go to the toilet (such as a father helping a young daughter). It also offers service to the disabled and can be used as a maternal room.
Guangzhou is committed to promoting public service, with no exception of public toilets. Several special bathrooms have been built, such as quaint bathrooms, floral-scented bathrooms and odor-eating bathrooms. 

The quaint bathroom in Lingnan Impression has blended into the garden landscape and architecture. The appearance of the bathroom resembles an ancient building with a delicate cultural design.
The flora-scented bathroom in Sunflower Garden is called “Tulip Restroom” because Dutch tulips are planted in it. Equipped with an air conditioner, visitors enjoy a clean environment with music and flower fragrance.
An odor-eating bathroom in Tai Koo has applied technology for automated deodorization without the need to flush after urinating. Urinals are covered with a special high-tech coating which is able to get rid of odor and filth. Without flushing, every urinal may save over 151 tons of water and the water from hand-washing sinks doesn’t emit outside, but is filtered and reused to flush or water plants, according to someone involved.

(By Zoe Xu, Louis Berney)

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