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Guangzhou mega constructions for 2020
The Guangzhou municipal government plans to complete nearly 60 new construction projects by 2020, mostly in suburban districts, according to the government’s 13th five-year plan of business development.

The Guangzhou municipal government plans to complete nearly 60 new construction projects by 2020, mostly in suburban districts, according to the government’s 13th five-year plan of business development.

With an overall cost of 53.5 billion yuan for seven projects, Huadu district ranks first in terms of total investment. Baiyun district follows with 43.5 billion yuan on four projects.

Here is a look at some of the mega projects going up in the city.

Guangzhou Wanda Cultural Tourism City

Location: Huadu district
Investment: 50 billion yuan
Area: 500,000 square meters
Expected completion: 2018

The project, invested by the domestic real estate developer, Wanda Group, is for a complex that includes an indoor ski resort, theme park, shopping mall, performance center and hotel.

The ski resort will cover an area of 75,000 square meters and will have a visitor capacity of 3,000. Once completed, the resort would be one of the largest in China. In the subtropical city of Guangzhou, it will be able to generate snow indoors using water. Structural construction was completed in August.

Wanda, one of the largest five-star hotel operators in China, plans to build a luxury hotel and two mid-range hotels in this Wanda City.

Visitors can also enjoy a high-tech performance directed by world-renowned theater director Franco Dragone in the performance center, along with a newly designed roller coaster in the theme park.

Baiyun New Town office cluster

Location: Baiyun district
Investment: 32 billion yuan
Area: 415,300 square meters
Expected completion: 2019

The new office cluster built around Baiyun International Convention Center is planned to include the regional headquarters of China Southern Airlines and China National Aviation Fuel Group.

One of the landmarks will be the global R&D center of Infinitus, a Hong Kong-based health product manufacturer. The building, to be called Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza, is designed by the late world-renowned British architect, Zaha Hadid. The foundation was laid in mid-November.

Pazhou Internet Innovation Zone

Location: Haizhu district
Investment: 10.1 billion yuan (51.5 billion yuan planned)
Area: 137,100 square meters
Expected completion: 2019

The Pazhou Internet Innovation Zone is right next to the Canton Fair Pazhou Complex on the west. It is expected to attract the headquarters of internet-plus companies, with businesses ranging from internet research and development, online payment and operations, to big data applications.

Eight of the headquarters already are under construction. The companies include NYSE-listed Alibaba Group, Hong Kong-listed Tencent Inc., Fosun International and Gome Electrical Appliances, along with Xiaomi, a Beijing-based technology company. All of them are top internet-plus companies in China and globally.

The zone is designed to become China's leading Internet innovation zone with its influence reaching throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The city's plan sets the zone as home to globally leading e-commerce and internet companies with high-caliber professionals, new technologies and new business models related to the internet in 5 to 10 years.

The zone will be accessible by a cross-river tunnel, two metro lines and a ferry pier connecting with Hong Kong.

(By Lynus Tan, Louis Berney)
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