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New Regulations for Car Hailing
Guangzhou traffic authorities released three documents on December 21 to regulate car hailing services.

Guangzhou traffic authorities released three documents on December 21 to regulate car hailing services. 

New requirements to be a car hailing driver

To be able to work as a car hailing driver, a person must have a local Hukou (Guangzhou household registration) or residence permit, pass the English and Cantonese language exams for car hailing drivers, and be under retirement age. 

Vehicles requirements

Vehicles qualified to operate as car hailing vehicles, either fuel or new energy, should have antilock brake systems (ABS), air bags and seat belts. New energy cars should also be fitted with electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD). The minimum wheelbase of vehicles is reduced from 270 cm to 260 cm and the engine displacement requirement is lowered from 2 liters to 1.75 liters. The vehicle will have to have a Guangzhou license plate and cannot be more than one year old when it starts to provide car hailing services. 

Carpooling service

A car owner can only offer two carpooling services in one day, according to the documents. Anyone who wants to offer carpooling service should provide relevant information about plate number, car type, annual check-up records and car insurance to the car pooling service platform. 

Legal duties for car hailing companies

Traffic authorities will strengthen supervision on car hailing platforms and remind owners of car hailing platforms of their responsibilities. According to the new documents, car hailing companies are not allowed to evade or transfer responsibility in any way, and any behavior violating relevant regulations will be fined between 500 and  30000 yuan.

Car hailing prices

Market regulation price policy will set the real price for car hailing services. Car hailing operators would be required to set prices according to market demand. Standard rates will have to be posted on car hailing companies’ websites or applications.

(By Chris Wang. Louis Berney)


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