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Guangzhou to Host Fortune Magazine's 2017 Global Forum
Fortune Magazine will hold its 2017 Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou next year in late November or early December, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Alan Murray, announced at Canton Tower on September 13.

Fortune Magazine will hold its 2017 Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou next year in late November or early December, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Alan Murray, announced at Canton Tower on September 13.

This will mark the fifth time the forum will be held in China. The event presents a chance for chiefs of the world’s largest companies―the Fortune Global 500―to actively engage with world leaders on the forefront of international commerce.

Why Guangzhou?

Fortune cited several reasons for selecting of Guangzhou as next year’s host city, noting its role as the capital of Guangdong―a historically vibrant hub for free trade and innovation investment, and China’s most populous province―as well as its strategic importance to many Fortune Global 500 companies, more than half of which already have made investments or set up operations in Guangzhou. Murray also pointed out Guangzhou is a business-friendly city that has established economic and trade relationships with over 200 countries and regions in the world. Besides, Guangzhou, as an important port along the Maritime Silk Road since ancient times, has attracted many companies from various fields, such as finance, shipping, high technology, manufacturing and logistics.

“Guangzhou, China’s southern gateway to the world, is the ideal location for the 2017 Fortune Global Forum,” Murray said. “As a center of international trade for many centuries, Guangzhou is both a renowned symbol and a modern manifestation of China’s participation in global commerce. At a time when globalization is under attack, we believe the Guangzhou forum will be a powerful demonstration of the importance of global commerce and the profound change that technology is bringing to global business.”

What the forum brings to Guangzhou

Zhang Hongbin, deputy director-general of the International Affairs Bureau, State-Council Information Office, pointed out that hosting the forum will help the world to learn more about Guangzhou and thus help promote economic communication and cooperation between China and foreign countries. Also through the forum, multinational CEOs will know more about Guangzhou and may choose the city as an investment destination and further enhance the city’s reputation in the world.

Guangzhou-confident to be the good host

He Zhongyou, vice governor of Guangdong, said, “Choosing Guangzhou as the host city will create a win-win situation.” Guangzhou has accumulated rich experience in holding major events, such as the Canton Fair and the successful 16th Asian Games, demonstrating that it is qualified and has the potential to hold the forum, He Zhongyou said.
Guangzhou has pledged as part of the city’s five-year development plan to establish by 2020 hubs for international shipping, international aviation, international science, and technology innovation.

About the Fortune Global Forum

Since 1995, the Fortune Global Forum has connected CEOs of the world’s most important multinational companies with world leaders, including former Chinese Presidents Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao, former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, and company chairmen Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan Chase, Ginni Rometty of IBM, Robert Iger of The Walt Disney Company, Ma Yun of Alibaba, and Robin Li of Baidu.

(By Penny Liu, Chris Wang, Louis Berney)

Editor:Penny Liu
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