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Time-honored Stores in Beijing Lu
Want to find time-honored stores and restaurants in Guangzhou? Go to Beijing Lu! The north of the road has begun to greet visitors as a new cluster of time-honored brands. Now, a total of 16 old brands have popped up along the road.

Want to find time-honored stores and restaurants in Guangzhou? Go to Beijing Lu! The north of the road has begun to greet visitors as a new cluster of time-honored brands. Now, a total of 14 old brands have popped up along the road. There will be more in the future! 

Beijing Lu

North of Beijing Lu (from Department of Finance of Guangdong Province to Zhongshan 5 Lu北京路北段(省财政厅至中山五路口段)
Transportation: Bus No.: 7, 12,27, 42, 56, 215, 233, 243 to Zhongshan 5 Lu Stop (中山五路站)

14 Time-honored brands:

古籍书店 Antiquarian Bookshop

Antiquarian Bookshop is a specialized bookshop affiliated with the Xinhua Book Store. First open to customers in 1957, the bookshop aims at discovering and protecting national cultural heritage and providing service for researchers and libraries. It sends clerks to purchase antiquarian books across the country and select useful old books in waste collection stations. For many years, it has collected a large number of precious antiquarian books, some of which are now treasured in museums and libraries at provincial and national level.

Antiquarian Bookshop

太平馆西餐厅 Tai Ping Koon Restaurant / Taiping Guan Restaurant

Taipingguan, the celebrated restaurant in Guangzhou, has a history of more than 120 years. The restaurant was opened in 1885 in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and is well known for hosting former Premier Zhou Enlai's wedding ceremony in 1925.

During the past century, the restaurant had served more than 800 Western-style dishes. Some people who had lived in Guangzhou for decades still remember tasting the original menu of the Premier couple.

In the year 2000, the Guangzhou government granted Taipingguan the title as one of the city's oldest restaurants.


新大新公司 Xindaxin Company

Xindaxin Company, originally Daxin Company, was one of the four largest department stores in the period of the Republic of China. It was established in 1914 by two brothers, Cai Chang and Cai Xing, in Zhongshan Wu Lu. To commemorate this, the street beside the store was named after the brothers and called Changxing Street (昌兴街). In 1918, the brothers opened a branch store at the west bank of  Pearl River ,which has lately been known as the Nanfang Building, another famous department store.


新华书店 Xinhua Bookstore

The Xinhua Bookstore in Beijing Lu originated as a branch of the Xinhua Bookstore southeast headquarter. In 1954, it integrated the branches of two other book companies and enlarged its size. By the year 1990, Xinhua Bookstore had already become a cultural enterprise with comprehensive bookshops, specialized bookshops and sales departments. At present, Xinhua Bookstore sells an extensive catalog of books on a wide range of subjects. You can also find cultural souvenirs, maps, and stationery in the store.

Xinhua Bookshop

利口福点心 Likofu Food

Likofu food Co, Ltd was established in 1998, and it is now a large-scaled modernized food maker, which is a subsidiary of Guangzhou Restaurant Enterprises Group. It carries out the brand promoting strategy by its advanced technology and distinctive product, gaining it a sound reputation and building a famous brand. The sales volume of Mid-autumn moon cakes always ranks the top in the nationwide moon cake market. In addition, the “Hongmian” exquisite moon cake, white lotus seed paste and double egg yolk moon cake, “autumn wind” top-notch preserved meat, barbecued pork bun etc. have also won the title as "brand-name products in Guangdong food industry".


 宝生园蜂蜜 Baoshengyuan Honey

Baoshengyuan company owns two old brands, "Baoshengyuan"(or "Beeden") and "Shengmaotai". It is famous for its apiarian product and health-care food. The Beeden Apiary, which was founded in Pingzhou, Nanhai City of Guangdong in 1924, is the first one in this field within the province.

"Baoshengyuan" has been certified as "Time-honored Brand of China" and "Guangzhou Old Brand" by the government. "Shengmaotai" is also a "Time-honored Brand of China", which was founded in 1862, in tea manufacturing and sailing.

Old brand and high quality products have built Baoshengyuan a good name since the day it was born.


王老吉凉茶 Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea / Wanglaoji Herbal Tea

With a long history as early as the year 1828, Guangzhou Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has now become one of the top 50 national major Traditional Chinese Medicine enterprises, gaining titles such as "China's Time-Honored Brand", "National Advanced Unit", "Guangdong Model Unit" and "China Five Star Enterprise" etc.

Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. possesses modern workshops and advanced equipment. Wanglaoji has also acquired China National GMP Certification and Australia TGA's GMP Certification. Its main products include Wanglaoji Medicinal Tea Granule, Wanglaoji Herbal Tea, Bao Ji Pill, Bao Ji Oral Solution, Seven Natural Herbs Granule, Acne Tablet, Ke Gan Li Yan Oral Solution, Tan Ke Jing Powder/Tablet, Huo Dan Pill, etc. Among them, Wanglaoji Medicinal Tea Granule, Wanglaoji Herbal Tea, Bao Ji Pill, and Tan Ke Jing were awarded with the titles of "Chinese Traditional Medicine Famous Product" and "Guangdong and Guangzhou Famous Product".


生茂泰茶厂 Shengmaotai Tea Factory

Shengmaotai Tea Factory was established in 1862 during the reign of the Emperor Tongzhi, enjoying a history of more than 150 years. It rose to fame for its potent herbal tea, which were well received even in Southeast Asia. After the reform and opening up, the factory expanded its scale and combined the application of modern technology. In 2001, Shengtaimao Tea Factory was entitled "National Time-honored Brand".


皇上皇腊味 Huangshanghuang Cured Meat

"Huang Shang Huang" was the former "Dongchang Dried Meat Shop," which was built in 1940. Later in 1943, the shop changed its name to "DongChang Huang Shang Huang Dried Meat Shop."

The "Huang Shang Huang", Chinese oldest brand, has timehonored reputation. The "Golden Crown" dried meat thereof has the all-the-time reputation of "King of the dired meat". Its manufacture, Huang Shang Huang Meat Food Manufacture, is a leading enterprise of those who have a considerable meat food production-scale in China. The Huang Shang Huang has developed itself from its original little workshop to the current largest "Solar Energy Baking House" in Asia, which was honred as the province-level advance enterprise.

The dired meat products are of naturally solarized, and with their fresh, tastyful and tender meat, best quality and cantonese flavor, it won accolade from the domestic and worldwide markets. With their good reputation,the Huang Shang Huang products become the best meal and gifts for anyone, and they are the well-known specialty of Canton.


锦泉眼镜 Jinquan Glasses

Jinquan Glass was set up by Guo Bing, a glass craftsman. In 1988, his apprentice He Jinquan took over the shop and officially changed the name to "Jinquan Glass". Since the shop was born in a neighborhood, it adheres to the principle of “honesty and neighborly love”, providing caring and meticulous service to the customers. Therefore, many old customers stick to this shop for decades though there are many other fancy shops. Besides, it established a glass museum to preserve ancient techniques and glasses, displaying the development of glasses to all.

Jinquan Glass

风行牛奶 Fengxing Milk

Fengxing Milk was the former Guangzhou Milk Company established in 1952, and now it is one of the three local milk brands in Guangzhou and the oldest milk company. It offers a wide range of products, such as fresh milk, yoghurt and milk with different flavors. In 2012, Fengxing Milk was entitled a "Guangzhou Time-honored Brand", the only milk company to obtain this title.

Fengxing Milk

沧州腊味 Cangzhou Cured Meat

Founded in 1903, Cangzhou Cured Meat is the first preserved meat seller in Guangzhou. The sponsor Li Dunchao developed a unique technique to produce cured meat by using the best ingredients and the strictest procedure to produce preserved meat. His shop gave birth to the preserved meat industry - from 1903 to 1933, 177 new preserved meat shop were opened, and preserved meat were more commonly seen on locals' dining table. In traditional festivals, Cangzhou Cured Meat are favorable presents that many Cantonese would bring to their relatives and friends all over the country.


仁信甜品 Renxin Dessert

At the end of the Qing dynasty, Dong Xiaohua accidentally "made" the first double-layer milk when he was trying different ways to preserve milk; impressed by its good taste, Dong 's daughter Dong Jiewen opened a shop to promote it after many years of improvement , and this is the origin of Renxin Dessert. After 1979, Dong Jiewen provided more kinds of dessert to customers and opened new branches in Guangzhou, both of which were wildly applauded. Up till now, Renxin Dessert remains popular as place for refreshment.

Renxin Dessert

清心堂 Qingxin Tang

Qing Xin Tang originated as Tailai Herbal Shop, and was opened by the famous traditional medicine doctor Zhan Tailai in 1906 to make herbal tea for disease. Based on the climate condition and diet habits, Zhang Tailai developed recipes of herbal tea for locals to prevent illness, winning the support of people. Locals sent Zhang a couplet to show their gratitude, and Zhang renamed the shop after two characters in the couplet "Qing Xin". Nowadays, the influence of Qing Xin Tang has gone far beyond Guangdong Province, for it has opened many branches in Guangxi, Zhejiang and other provinces. In 2006, it was awarded the title "National Intangible Cultural Heritage".

Qingxin Tang


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