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First 72h Visa-free Tourist Group Visits GZ
On August 6, the first 72-hour visa-free tourist group had a free tour around Guangzhou for half a day, enjoying traditional Cantonese morning tea and visiting the Canton Tower and Chen Clan Academy, Guangzhou Daily reported.

On August 6, the first 72-hour visa-free tourist group consisting of 23 transit passengers had a free tour around Guangzhou for half a day. The tour was co-organized by Guangzhou Tourist Administration, China Southern Airline, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and CGZL Travel Agency.

According to a report by Guangzhou Daily, the tourists enjoyed traditional Cantonese morning tea and visited the Canton Tower and Chen Clan Academy.

Tourists are having morning tea

Having Cantonese morning tea is an important routine for many natives in the city, which involves drinking herbal tea and enjoying traditional Dim Sum in the morning. "The morning tea in Guangzhou is just like the afternoon tea in Britain. Guangzhou is also a city where people know how to enjoy life." a British named Cho was citied as saying.

The next stop at the Canton Tower, a landmark of the city, has deeply impressed the visiting guests from afar. "I've always looked forward to visiting the Canton Tower, which has been covered by National Geographic." said Fzirs from Melbourne. "It's amazing!" said a girl from Australia when every one was overlooking at the city from the 108th floor of the tower.

Tourists are taking pictures on Canton Tower

Different from that in Beijing and Shanghai, the visa-free policy implemented in Guangzhou says the 72-hour limit is calculated by starting with zero hour the next day of the traveler's entry, which means a tourist can stay in Guangzhou for 96 hours at most without a visa. Many local travel agencies have released a variety of tour routes with a time ranging from half a day to three days for transferring passengers.

(By Pan Hui, Richard Glauert, photos by Guangzhou daily)

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