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Pyongyang's Nuclear Plan Opposed
China outlines its position after the DPRK test-fires missile launched from submarine

China opposes the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's nuclear development program, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Wednesday after an annual meeting with counterparts from Japan and the Republic of Korea.

The DPRK test-fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile on Wednesday morning before the long-awaited meeting between Wang, Japan's Fumio Kishida and the ROK's Yun Byung-se in Tokyo.

Wang said China will continue to strive for a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula and persist in settling such issues through dialogue and consultation.The missile test was the latest in a series of launches by Pyongyang in defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions.

Wang said China opposes any words and deeds that cause tensions on the Korean Peninsula and all actions that violate Resolution 2270, which was passed unanimously by the Security Council on March 2 to expand the scope of sanctions against the DPRK.

The comments made by the three key diplomats mostly reaffirming their official positions are still of value.

Wang said the three countries need to accumulate political mutual trust, conduct pragmatic cooperation, enhance people to people exchanges and promote sustainable development.

Addressing trilateral cooperation, Wang said that China, Japan and the ROK three large economies should shoulder important responsibilities in promoting East Asia's economic development, and maintaining peace and stability.

Editor:Carina Zheng
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