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The 5th Breaking Arts Festival
The Breaking Arts Festival is to be held in Guangzhou from Nov. 8 to 17, bringing over 30 artists from China and Italy together in a series of cross-boundary performances.

The Breaking Arts Festival, founded by Contemporary choreographer Yunna Long, presents a blend of multi-disciplinary, contemporary arts that are both creative and open-minded.

Based in Guangzhou, the festival features cross-boundary works created by collaborating artists from different countries and regions.

The Breaking Arts Festival has successfully held 4 sessions since 2009 and seen over 60,000 people participate in events that have covered an estimated 2 million people altogether.

The Fifth Breaking Arts Festival will take you on an exhilarating journey that explores the traditions, customs and contemporary arts of two parallel and intersecting worlds. A total of 33 Italian and Cantonese artists including opera singers, contemporary dancers and singers, shadow opera performances, ethnic musicians and dancers from Southern Italy and China, photography and handcraft exhibitions, fashion shows and cutting-edge industrial design will enliven and fascinate the city of Guangzhou with unique creations and special events.


Date & Time
8pm, Nov. 8
Rigoletto's Nightmare
Xinghai Concert Hall
Nov.9 - 17
Solo Exhibit
Four Season Hotel
Nov.10 - 17
Art Exhibit
Weifu Gallery
8pm , Nov. 16
Fire Dreaming
Folk Dance
The Canton Place Round Square
8pm, Nov. 17
The Canton Place Round Square

Opera Ticket Price: RMB 80/250/380
Hotline: 020-87258080

Xinhai Concert Hall (星海音乐厅)
Add.: Xinghai Concert Hall, No. 33 Qingbo Lu, Ersha Island

The Canton Place Round Square广粤天地圆形广场
The Canton Place, Haifeng Lu, Zhujiang New Town

Four Season Hotel四季酒店
No 5, Yuejiang Xilu, Zhujiang New Town

Weifu Gallery伟博画廊
No. 13, Peizheng Xinhenglu, Yuexiu district

Opera:  Rigoletto's Nightmare
Composed by Giuseppe Verdi, Rigoletto is hailed as one of the three masterpieces alongside withLa Traviataand Il trovatore during the middle period of Verdi's creation. The Opera was premiere at La FeniceinVeniceon 11th March 1851.

It's the first fusion of the Italian opera, Canton shadow play and contemporary dance and performed by famous artists from Italy and China. The performance is to celebrate the 200 anniversary of Giuseppe Verdi's birthday.

Folk Dance:  Fire Dreams
A dance that combines traditional ethnic dance in Yunnan Province, southwest of China, and the folk dance—La Paranzafrom south Italy.

Concert: Undreaming
Singers and dancers from China and Italy are to give an exciting performance to the people in Guangzhou.

Singers: AlessiaRaisi
Mattia Romeo
Wuen Duola 乌拉多恩(吴火火)

Solo exhibition: Daydreaming
The exhibition is to presents works of modern Italian artists Paolo de Cuarto.

Group exhibition: Dreamland
Italian photographer Oliviero Belleri, painter EoloTomassoni, Hong Kong painter Linda Liao and local artistes are going to presents their works of photo, painting and sculptures.

(By Pan Hui, Richard Glauert)

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