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In the Enchanted Garden with Kevin Kern
This September, pianist Kevin Kern is to give a long-anticipated concert in Guangzhou, showing the people his enchanted world of music.

Recognized as a representative of New Age piano music, Kevin Kern has gained thousands of fans around the world with his distinctive performing style. Kevin Kern's piano, refreshing and soft, often manifests a romantic imagery of the tranquil countryside and gives his audience a sense of warmth and hope. He has also been given the title of "The Modern Chopin" by critics.

His golden album "In the Enchanted Garden", a best seller that topped the Billboard New Age for 26 weeks, is regarded as one of the ten most important albums in the history of New Age Piano music.

Since 2002, Kevin Kern has given many concert tours around many countries in Asia and each one has been a sensation His debut in Taipei back in 2001 witnessed an overwhelming sellout of over 3000 tickets within 3 weeks.

Following performances in Beijing and Shanghai, the music genius will come to Guangzhou, playing his beautiful and touching music pieces for the people of the Ram city. 


Kevin Kern

Profile of Kevin Kern

Kevin was found playing "Silent Night" on the piano at 18 months of age. He started learning the piano regularly at 4 and began writing music at 8. At 14, he put on performances with the music group he founded called "The Well-Tempered Clavichord". Despite his poor vision (he's been legally blind since birth), he was still determined to be a pianist. His first performance in Asia was in Taiwan, in 2002.He has released ten albums, including a compilation album, and two songbooks. He has also released a Japan-only CD and songbook, as well as another album only in Asia.

Date & Time: 8pm, September 27
Venue: Xinghai Concert Hall
Price: RMB 680/ 480/ 380/ 300/ 200
Hotline: 020-38065181/ 38065182
Add.: Xinghai Concert Hall, No. 33 Qingbo Lu, Ersha Island (二沙岛晴波路33号星海音乐厅)
Bus: Xinghai Concert Hall Stop 星海音乐厅
57, 89, 131A/B, 194, 248, B21

(By Pan Hui, Richard Glauert, photo by Travis Anderson)

Editor:Pan Hui
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