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The Von Trapp's, descendants of the singers depicted in the movie "The Sound of Music", will stage a concert at the Xinghai Concert Hall on August 5, singing the memorable songs in the movie and others.

The timeless songs featured in the Oscar-winning movie "The Sound of Music" still echo in the hearts of millions of viewers. This summer they will be heard in the grand concert halls of China, delighting Chinese audiences.

The Von Trapp's, descendants of the singers depicted in the movie, will stage a concert at the Xinghai Concert Hall, Guangzhou, on August 5, singing the memorable songs in the movie and others. This is a part of their first tour around China.

Audiences will not only enjoy the wonderful music brought by the Von Trapp siblings, but can also view some movie clips from "The Sound of Music" simultaneously.

The Von Trapp's, the only family chorus in the world, feature harmonic singing without accompaniment of many instruments. The group consists of four teenagers - Sofia, Melanie, Amanda and Justin. They are the great-grandchildren of Captain and Maria von Trapp, whose story was adapted for screen and captivated the world in the musical "The Sound of Music".

The von Trapp's perform a variety of folk and classical songs from various European and American traditions, as well as timeless pieces from "The Sound of Music". Their effervescent voices beautifully connect the way only a family's can, and musicians and audiences from all over the world recognize the family's beautiful harmonic blend and pristine tone.

They have won the Special Award for Outstanding Young Family Singing Group at the 27th annual Young Artist Awards in LA. Sell out crowds have carried them into some of the world's most prestigious theaters, including a date at the Sydney Opera House on a world tour that took them to Europe, Canada, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Korea and the Philippines.

The Von Trapp's

The Sound of Music

The Von Trapp's with  "Maria " (Julie Andrews) and "Captain" (Christopher Plummer) from the movie

Maria and Captain Von Trapp in real life

20:00 on August 5

Where: Xinghai Concert Hall

Tickets: RMB 380/280/220/160/100
(RMB 608 for two RMB 380 tickets,  RMB 480 for two RMB 280 tickets) 

Ticket Booking: 4006689838

Add.: No. 33 Qingbo Lu, Ersha Island, Guangzhou (二沙岛晴波路33号)

Bus: Xinghai Concert Hall Stop 星海音乐厅
Buses No. 57, 89, 131A/B, 194, 248, B21

(By Pan Hui, Richard Glauert)

Editor:Pan Hui
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