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Three French Circuses to Debut at the "Nouveau Cirque" Festival
In its 6th year, Croisements Festival proposes its first Nouveau Cirque Festival, bringing this new art form to Guangzhou Opera House via three shows on June 4, 11 and 19.


In its 6th year, Croisements Festival proposes its first Nouveau Cirque Festival, bringing this new art form to Guangzhou Opera House via three shows.

A new art form where circus arts, dance, theatre and technology meet – dubbed the Nouveau Cirque - will be presented in three shows: "Ieto" by the Ieto Company, "Cinématique" by the Adrien M Company and "Zahrbat" by the dancer Brahim Bouchelaghemat.

Two conferences will also be held to introduce this new art form. Julien Rosemberg, a nouveau cirque expert, will lead a series of conferences, enabling Chinese artists and the general public to discover this discipline and its rapid development of the last 30 years in France; and a dance exhibition and interactive workshop will be led by Brahim Bouchelaghem.

The Nouveau Cirque Movement

"Nouveau Cirque" translates as Modern Circus. As opposed to a traditional circus where entertainment and the spectacular are of prime importance, the modern circus strives to make sense presenting an idea and a vision that belongs to each artist. It is not a matter of juxtaposing several acts with no logical or theatrical link, but to build an entire show, where the individual acts are tied together by one central theme, emphasizing the synthesis of the different genres.

Croisements Festival will be the first to bring a festival dedicated to this innovative art form to China. Three French companies will take pride of place at this mini festival fusing cutting-edge original artistic techniques. Tenderness, movement, texture, laughter and emotion are united in the service of the audience's pleasure.


IETO by Ieto Company
Time: 20:00 on Saturday June 4, 2011

Ieto, a magical duo of poetic acrobats, reinterprets two traditional circus disciplines: dance and acrobatics. On a stage, two acrobats dance opposite each other. Head held high or with a sideways glance, they size each other up and make fun of each other; thus ensues a pas de deux between two planks and three ropes. As the two artists move freely from one scene to the next, their movements flow and express enjoyment; they take pleasure in inventing their acrobatic meanderings, bodies intertwining, surprising and mocking each other.


The Company

Ieto was formed in 2006 during a residency at the Ferme du Riu Ferrer. The group comprises two circus artists, a musician and a sound and lighting engineer.

The acrobat Fnico Feldmann practiced at an amateur level at the Lido whilst graduating from university as a physical education teacher. He taught at the Lido for five years, ran acrobatics classes for two years and organised various workshops. In 2003, he founded the company Les Renversés with two circus artists. In 2006 he took part in the creation of the show Les Rêves Oubliés by the company La Baraque, choreographed by Elisa Martin- Pradal.

Mosi Abdu Espinoza Navarro studied various disciplines at La Tarumba (Peru), the Ecole Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny/Bois as well as the Lido. Navarro first crossed paths with La Tarumba when the circus was ten years old and he was taking part in workshops run by the troupe. This subsequently led him to take part in Tarumba's first tour under their big top. He then joined the Peruvian companies Fantastica Circo and Agarrate Catalina, taking part in collectively inspired shows as well as giving circus lessons in disadvantaged schools and at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peur.


Cinematique by Adrien M Company
Date/Time: 20:00 on June 11, Saturday, 2011

Cinématique is an astonishing show in which dancing, juggling, music, drama and digital arts all combine to produce a dream-like spectacle.

Experimenting with movement as a channel for emotion has been the main theme of Cinematique, which grew naturally around "(digi) dream" landscapes: bodies and objects evolving around each other. Dancer and choreographer Adrien Mondot takes us on a journey to a digital and dreamy universe.

What Adrien Mondot wanted to achieve by developing a complex technological structure like eMotion (a software programme which explores the interactions between the image and the body, the results of which will be screened in real time during the show) was to highlight man and movement.

"Beyond the fascination of images," said Mondot. "My aim is to exploit the immense possibilities of modern tools while throwing in an element of error, fragility, perhaps even poetry, in order to enter the world of post-digital entertainment, where technology is no longer a pretense."

An invitation to travel appeals to the dreamer within aimed to shake up the rational principles which govern our modern existence.

The company Adrien M

Founded in 2004, the company Adrien M has set its goal to research the art of movement using juggling and digital art as a medium to explore the imaginary.

After 3 seasons at the Manege in Reims, during which two shows were created: Convergences 1.0 in 2005 - a singular dreamlike exploration of juggling - and Retime in 2008 which deconstructs the temporal phases of juggling, the company is presently in residence at the Hexagone, a national theater based in Meylan (Isere).

It was here, in January 2010, that the company opened its newest creation Cinematique, the 2009 grand prize winner at the Bains Numeriques festival of Enghien-les-Bains.

Besides its continued work in the world of the stage through workshops, the company also created a modular exhibit (XYZT) which opened at the Espace Jean-Legendre in Compiegne in April 2010.


Zahrbat by Zahrbat CompanyDate
Date/Time: 20:00 on June 19, Sunday, 2011

In the solo ZahrbatIn hip hop dancer Bouchelaghem pays a touching tribute to his late father; a man who was to waste his life in smoke-filled rooms as a result of his addiction to card games. Father and son share common ground in their strength of passion and taste for risk. Their desires converge as they are both driven to leave in chase of the thrill. It is described as hip hop stripped of its bling, a superb emotional dancer on a stage complete with beautiful lighting. The father that Bouchelaghem portrays cannot fail to win the affection of the audience.


Exhibition Dance and Interactive Session

Through this exhibition dance drawing on his personal experiences, Brahim Bouchelaghem gives his audience a chance to retrace the history of hip hop, providing insights into how its techniques have evolved. Bouchelaghem was 12 years old when he discovered hip hop on the television. He is a self-taught dancer, taking what he saw on screen and practicing it on the streets. His hip hop story is France's hip hop story. Bouchelaghem uses souvenirs pulled out of a cardboard box to illustrate his exhibition dance. From his origins as a break dancer to his position today as a professional dancer and choreographer, he will introduce each technique to his audience, with the help of his accomplice Moustapha Bellal.

Simple, lighthearted and humourous, at times calling on the participation of the audience, the exhibition dance will progress into an open floor session where questions will be readily answered.

Brahim Bouchelaghem

Born in Roubaix in 1972, Brahim Bouchelaghem discovered hip hop in 1984. He trained for years, honing his skills before his first professional opportunities presented themselves and he took part in the Battle of the Year in Montpellier in 1996. That same year, he joined the company Melting Spot and took part in the shows Fantasia, Point de chute and Petrouchka. In 1998, he joined the Compagnie Käfig for the creation Récital (presented at the 2008 Croisements Festival). Five years working alongside Mourad Merzouki allowed him to perfect his skills as a performer and he had his first experience as a trainer and assistant choreographer with the project Mekech Mouchkin, organized as part of the year of Algeria.

In 2004, Kader Attou offered Brahim Bouchelaghem a role in Pourquoi pas... This show marked the beginning of a collaboration which led the Compagnie Accrorap to support the solo Zahrbat, the first piece choreographed by Bouchelaghem. In 2007, Bouchelaghem met Carolyn Carlson who decided to support his work as a choreographer, referring to him as a poet. The same year, he founded Compagnie Zahrbat which receives support from the National Choreographic Centre of Roubaix Nord-Pas de Calais. He pursued his collaboration with Accrorap via the creation of Kader Attou's Petites, presented during the 2009 Croisements Festival. In 2008, he created El Firak and in January 2009 a new solo in collaboration with Carolyn Carlson entitled "What Did You Say?" In 2009, whilst Zahrbat was touring in St Petersburg, Bouchelaghem met Russian hip hop crew Top 9 with whom he collaborated on a project that premiered in July 2010. 

Place: Guangzhou Opera House
Ticket Prices: ¥ 380, 180, 80
Box Office: 4008-808-922, 020-3839 2888, 3839 2666

(By Jessie Huang, Stephen Roberts)

Editor:Jessie Huang
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