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New Chinese Cuisine Menu at Sofitel Guangzhou to Present "Art of the Wok"
When it goes to the authenticity of Chinese cuisine, "wok hei" is one typical thing you might find, and of corse it finds its way onto Choo's new menu.

Chef Tony Choo joined Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich this March as Chinese executive chef. Together with his team, he is going to amaze both hotel guests and gourmet lovers in Guangzhou with his healthy, authentic and innovative creations. A brand new menu at the hotel's Le Chinois restaurant is soon going to be presented.

"Art of the Wok" is his cooking philosophy. Chef Choo believes that Chinese cuisine must be 100 percent Chinese and should not be combined with Western cuisine. Seeking inspiration from all over China, the only thing that matters to Choo is cooking authentic Chinese dishes. "Authentic doesn't mean I cannot innovate, only that innovation must not tangle with flavors that are not Chinese," Choo says.

Based on his cooking philosophy, the new menu of Le Chinois will serve authentic Chinese cuisine in a creative way, which renders the tastebuds excited as well as the belly sated.

The starter is a delight. Three different kinds of flesh together make it creative and intriguing. The crispy fried prawn is Chef Choo's famous dish. But inspired by a Japanese dish Choo tried during a vacation, he altered the recipe, adding passion fruit with wasabi mayonnaise. Pan-seared goose liver is serving with handmade hawthorn berry sauce. The effect is thrilling. The added sauce is a perfect match with the liver. It doesn't reduce the scrumptious fat but makes it less heavy and adds a fruity taste.The starter is also paired with crisp suckling pig, which is roasted and crunchy.

When it goes to the authenticity of Chinese cuisine, "wok hei" is one typical thing you might find, and of corse it finds its way onto Choo's new menu. "Wok hei" translated into English means "wok thermal radiation." It has a poetic translation which is the "breath of the wok." It refers to the flavor and tastes imparted by a hot wok on food during stir frying, and is particularly important for those Chinese dishes requiring searing heat, such as those on the new menu, like "stir-fried duo beef of tenderloin and beef cheek with lady finger in signature pepper sauce." The beef cheek is well marinated before stir frying, leaving it chewy and succulent.

The new menu will be launched in June.

(By Cassie Lin, Louis Berney)

Editor:Cassie Lin
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