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Time-Space Tunnel at Baiyun Airport
Guangzhou’s Baiyun International Airport is now welcoming its passengers with a cutting-edge "Time-Space Tunnel.”

Guangzhou’s Baiyun International Airport is now welcoming its passengers with a cutting-edge "Time-Space Tunnel.”

The tunnel, which opened on October 21, was built on the road from the airport terminal to the adjacent metro station. It is more than 200 meters long and covers 2,500 square meters overall.

The tunnel is decorated with the thousands of optical lattice lamps on the top and Guangzhou sightseeing landmarks — including Lingnan window paper-cuts, architecture and sculpture — on the two sides. It creates special effects with cutting-edge technologies, adding a new feature to the airport and enriching travellers' experiences.

The Guangzhou historical and cultural tunnel has three levels.
The inside one demonstrates hand-painted Guangzhou historical cultural background images. The intermediate level shows hand-painted symbolic sculptures of the city. And the outermost layer is adorned with the special Lignan windows papercuts.

One side of the tunnel features five groups of traveling character shaped devices and 17 cloud-shaped light boxes. The traveler devices are hollowed-out and human-scale. Some of the suitcases they push are actual LCD screens, which can show dynamic flower and cultural information. Passengers can enter the suitcases to take photos. The cloud-shape light boxes demonstrate diverse Guangzhou flowers. An electronic signature wall at the end of the tunnel provides a place for passengers to express their feelings and advice to the airport.


The tunnel is the first such large space offering artistic, sci-fi-like experiences in a Chinese airport.

(By Carina Zheng, Louis Berney)

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