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Shenzhen Airlines to Operate Daily Non-stop Flight to Singapore
Shenzhen Airlines began new, non-stop flights from Guangzhou to Singapore on September 23.

Shenzhen Airlines began new, non-stop flights from Guangzhou to Singapore on September 23.

The flight to Singapore is aboard an Airbus A320. The plane departs from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport at 11:30 a.m.,while the return trip leaves Singapore Changi International Airport at 5:15 PM. The Singapore route is the airlines’ second non-stop international flight departing from Guangzhou and its 19th international flight overall.

Shenzhen Airlines serves both domestic and international flights and is the fourth largest domestic carrier in China following China Southern, China Eastern, and Air China.

Airline officials say the new flight has the potential to enhance the efficiency of trade between the two cities and two countries and provides greater convenience for official and non-governmental communications.

During the the maiden voyage, flight attendants wore traditional Qipao outfits and offered passengers special services.


Shenzhen Airlines is offering special introductory fares for RMB 300 for round trip tickets (with tax, the cost goes up to about 1,800 RMB). Phoenix Miles members can enjoy extra mileage of 20% to 50% when booking the flight. To optimize passenger experience, Shenzhen Airlines is offering 48-hour free parking at Baiyun Airport and free airport shuttle service.

(Frankie Zhang, Joanna You, Louis Berney)

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