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Guangzhou Plans 3 Ferry Piers
The plan aims to build three piers respectively in Haixinsha, Jinshazhou and Changzhou Island. Three new ferry routes will be launched accordingly.

Guangzhou Urban Planning Bureau has recently released a plan to build three new ferry piers in different districts of the city.

The plan has been posted on the bureau's official website to gain public opinion. The plan aims to build three piers respectively in Haixinsha (海心沙), Jinshazhou (金沙洲) and Changzhou Island (长洲岛). Three new ferry routes will be launched accordingly.

Haixinsha Pier will be located at the river front of the public square in Haixinsha Asian Games Park, where the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games were held. It is designed to comprise of two white buildings with two berths. Jinshazhou Pier will be in Jinsha Cultural Park of Caibin Zhonglu (彩滨中路). There will be two yellow buildings with two berths. For the Changzhou Island Pier, in the island's Shenjing Village (深井村) of Huangpu District, it will be a modern design with a dark steel structure and big glass curtain walls. There will be two berths as well.

The construction of the piers will begin this year. With the new piers there will be three new ferry routes. They are between Jinshazhou and the Canton Tower, between Jinshazhou and Xidi and between Changzhou Island and Haixinsha.

In the Municipal Government's master plan on the development of ferry transportation approved last year, the city will open 29 new ferry routes by 2030. It is expected that 170 million passengers will travel by water every year at that time. The ferries will be a choice for commuters. By stretching the routes to Nansha, Panyu and the University Town, they can be a choice for leisure travelers.

(By Lynus Tan, Rik Glauert)

Editor:Lynus Tan
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