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Discover Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Railway
Within easy reach of Guangzhou, these cities are great choices for weekend getaways to discover Zhuhai's landscape, Jiangmen's overseas-Chinese architecture, Zhongshan's special industries and Shunde's traditional Cantonese cuisine.

First announced 5 years ago, the first intercity high-speed railway line connecting cities in the Pearl River Delta will open this Friday (Jan. 7th). Connecting Guangzhou South Railway Station with Zhuhai North trains shall stop at Shunde, Zhongshan, and Jiangmen. Traveling at speeds of up to 250 Km/hour, journeys could take less than 30 minutes and will be reasonably priced, costing under 50 yuan for a first class seat.

Within easy reach of Guangzhou, these cities are great choices for weekend getaways to discover Zhuhai's landscape, Jiangmen's overseas-Chinese architecture, Zhongshan's special industries and Shunde's traditional Cantonese cuisine.

Discover Shunde 顺德:

Shunde is the first stop outside of Guangzhou. There are 5 stations in Shunde. The city is famous for its traditional cuisines such as Beijiao's pun choi, Lunjiao cake, Daliang's "double skin" milk, Ronggui's chicken cooked with crab and many more. Shunde is the cradle of Cantonese food.

Apart from food, Shunde is also home to some amazing architecture including one of the four famous Lingnan Gardens named Qinghui Garden, located in Daliang town. Bijiang Jinlou traditional architecture dating from the Ming and Qing Dynasties can be seen in Beijiao Town and the town of Ronggui boasts a beautiful 300-year-old bridge.


Bijiang Station (碧江站)--full of Lingnan flavor

Scenic spots: Gulou Village, Bijiang Jinlou ancient architecture, Shunfeng Village, Chencun Flower World, Chencun Old Market
Local Bus: No. 335A to Rongshan Old College, Shunfeng Village, Golou Village
No. 252 to Chencun Old Market, Chencun Flower World


Bijiang Jinlou ancient architecture

Beijiao Station (北滘站)--enjoy the country life

Village-style cuisine leads a key role in Beijiao's streets.
Scenic spots: Xihai Martyrs' Park, Bigui Farm Land, also you can go to the Lecong Furniture Center.
Local Bus: No. 331, 333, 931 to Xihai Martyrs' Park

Shunde Station (顺德站)--convenient for shopping and traveling

There are shopping mall and cinema near the station. Changlu Farm, one of the famous travel spots in Shunde is also near there.
Scenic spots: Changlu Farm, Zhonglou Park
Local Bus: No. 314 to Changlu Park, Qinghui Garden, Zhonglou Park, Panyu Baomo Garden
No. 310 to Xishan Temple, Zhonglou Park


Zhonglou Park

Changlu Farm

Shunde Xueyuan Station (顺德学院站)--Cradle for Hi-tech industry

Scenic spots: South China Silk Museum, Xishan Temple, Qinghui Garden, Jinyan Temple, Shunfengshan Park, Baolin Temple
Local Bus: No. 301 to South China Silk Museum, Zhonglou Park, Qinghui Garden


South China Silk Museum

Jinyan Temple

Ronggui Station (容桂站)--Industry town with many ancient scenic spots

Ronggui town is one of the key industry towns in the country.
Scenic Spots: Guizhao Wenta Tower, Tree Bridge, Zhenwu Temple, Kwan-yin Hall
Local Bus: No. 323, 326 to Wenta Park

Discover Zhongshan 中山:

Zhongshan is famous for being the hometown of Doctor Sun Yet-sen - the Father of Modern China. There are all together 8 stations in the city with Cuiheng Station still under construction. The new Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Railway will allow people in the PRD to discover numerous tourist attractions (Shiqi's rural market, the former residence of Dr. Sun Yet-sen in Cuiheng), and local delicacies (Nantou salted meats, Xiaolan chrysanthemum, Dongsheng crispy grass carp, Nanlang seafood.)

Nantou Station (南头站) - The Main Gate of Zhongshan

Scenic spots: Huangpu Special Salted Meat Street where you can buy all kinds of the local salted meats; the Gratitude Temple, which was built between 1796 and 1820 in the Qing Dynasty.
Local Bus: shuttle bus from Nantou Station to Nanshui Industrial District
No. 80, 210 to Huangpu

Xiaolan Station (小榄站) - Appreciate Chrysanthemum

Xiaolan has long been known as the "Town of Chrysanthemum". Every year, a chrysanthemum show is held here in November. The show features about 10,000 pots of chrysanthemum in full bloom, together with many other celebrations such as folk art performances and dragon and lion dances.
The "Chrysanthemum banquet" also attracts a great number of locals. It features various dishes all prepared with chrysanthemum such as chrysanthemum fish-balls, chrysanthemum fish slices, etc.
Local Bus: there are 10 shuttle bus lines running from the station to Xiaolan, they are No. 3, 5, 6, 9, 18, 22, 25, 26, 29, 30.


Dongsheng Station (东升站) - Home of Crispy Grass Carp

Dongsheng has a long standing reputation for its crispy grass carp. The fish, with its unique crispy taste is famous throughout the Pearl River Delta. Many stalls in Dongsheng sell the fish at around 40 yuan/kg.
Local Bus: no shuttle bus is currently available.

Zhongshan North Station (中山北站) - Enjoy the Excitement of a Rural Market

This station is the nearest to the urban area with 10 bus lines linking the station to the city. It is a perfect place to start a tour of Zhongshan.
What for expectation: visit the 100-year old rural market at Shagang Market.
Local Bus: No. 004 to Shagang Market
No. 021 to the local restaurant "Shiqi Lao"
In total, there are 10 bus lines connecting the station to the city.

Zhongshan Station (中山站) - City's Largest Bus Station

Cuiheng Station (翠亨站) -not open to public right now

Scenic spots accessible from the station: Coastal Spring Resort in Nanlang Town, Sun Yet-sen Tourist District (to be completed in 3 years time)
Bus: Shuttle buses are available.

Nanlang Station (南朗站)--Discover Local Seafood

This station is nearest to the sea with a well-known seafood village - Yakou Village, located outside the station. Here, the seafood is fresh and relatively cheap.

Discover Zhuhai 珠海:

Zhuhai borders Jiangmen to the northwest, Zhongshan to the north, and Macau to the south. It is sometimes called the Chinese Riviera, although some might say this is an overstatement. It was named "Garden City" for its attractive environment and beautiful landscapes. It is also awarded by the UN as Best Model of International Residential Environment Improvement.

There are 5 stations in the city with only one station currently open to traffic.

Zhuhai North Station (珠海北站)- The Hi-Tech District

Scenic spots: sand dunes site in Tangjiawan Ancient Town which are thought to date back over 4000 years; Dong'aowan Site on Qi'ao Island; old architectures combining both Chinese Lingnan and Western elements in Tangjiawan Town and Huitong Ancient Town
Various famous restaurants in Tangjiawan serve typical Cantonese food. Restaurants in Gangwan Dadao attract both local people and visitors with their fresh seafood.
Bus: No shuttle bus is available. Visitors must travel by taxi.

Tangjiawan Station (唐家湾站)- under construction

It serves as a hub between 4 universities in Zhuhai, namely Zhuhai College (Beijing Institute of Technology), Zhuhai College (Beijing Normal University), Zhuhai Campus (Sun Yat-Sen University) and Zhuhai College (Jilin University).
Scenic spots: The New Summer Palace
Bus: shuttle buses are available, No. 69 for the New Summer Palace

Qianshan Station (前山站)- under construction

The station is being build in a commercial center which shall include a skating rink and a cinema.

Discover Jiangmen 江门:

Jiangmen city is always famous for its hot spring and outlandish architecture such as Diaolous. The launching of the intercity railway has brought an easy way for visitors especially those who want to browse the city in their set plan.

Guzhen Station (古镇站)--Whole sale market for lamp and accessories

Guzhen Station is at the cross of Zhongshan and Jiangmen. It is renowned for the various lamp and illuminative accessories markets.
Local Bus: No. 351 Guzhen to Jiangmen
No. 352 Guzhen to Xiaolan (中山小榄), Dongfeng (东凤)

Jianghai Station (江海站)-- 10mins walk to the Jiangmen HK-Macau Terminal

You could visit patriotic Chinese Chen Shaobai's former resident, where there are a full collection of celebrity calligraphy and paintings.

Jiangmen Station(江门站)--will be the busiest passenger station in Jiangmen city

This station is only 5 minutes to downtown Jiangmen. Also the Baishuidai scenic district and the Daxinkang scenic district have attracted many visitors.

Lile Station (礼乐站)-- popular mouth-watering sweet potatoes

Both Lile town and Xinmin village are famous for the sweet potatoes. There are many booths selling baked sweet potatoes in the streets.

Xinhui Station (新会站)--Heaven of Birds

Xinhui area is a perfect place for family day. Some scenic spots like Heaven of Birds and Tianma Village Farmland locate around.
Local Bus: No. 12 and No. 15 at the Xinhui Passenger Station could reach these two places.

(By Zeng Xuli, Carrot Chan, David Keyton)

Editor:Chen Minjie
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