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Shangri-la Presents Michelin Molecular Cuisine
The meal is served with an eight-course set menu of molecular Chinese cuisine in an American-style restaurant with an open kitchen.

Ribs will take Guangzhou gourmet fans on a molecular cuisine adventure on December 9 to 10. Dave Yu, a visiting chef from the Hong Kong-based three-starred Michelin restaurant Bo Innovation, will present cutting-edge culinary techniques that blend modern science with centuries-old recipes.

The meal is served with an eight-course set menu of molecular Chinese cuisine in an American-style restaurant with an open kitchen.

Its menu reflects a modern fusion of roasts.  Placing Mongolian roast and American-style grill on one menu and making them equally popular among the diners is yet another nice touch that defines the restaurant’s diversity.

"Expect the unexpected" is Bo Innovation’s trademark; the Louis Vuitton City Guide once commented that it "takes guests on a daring sensory adventure where Chinese culinary traditions cross kitchen knives with the techniques of contemporary Western cuisine.  It may amaze, surprise, shock or delight, but the experience is always extreme."

Chef Yu is also a genius self-taught chef with a first degree in Australian on multimedia and graphic design, a major that is remotely linked to culinary art. His daring ideas and passion for perfection have earned him the position as the closest kitchen associate of Chef Leung to develop innovative new concepts for Bo Innovation’s world-famous menus.

Here are some hints for curious guests - a jelly cube could be a piece of beef, a pinch of fine sand could be a mushroom or an ice cream could be a mojito. No matter what shape these food ingredients transform into using the molecular cuisine technique, the ultimate principle for a gourmet is to indulge in the experiences good food brings.

Guests may experience three-starred Michelin molecular cuisine with an eight-course tasting menu at 1,399 yuan nett per person. Guests who book before December 4 are entitled to an early-bird offer of 999 yuan, with wine pairing especially selected to compliment this dinner for an additional 200 yuan.

Editor:Lynus Tan
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